Health Is Wealth

Dr. Purushothaman
February 3, 2016

The importance of Health in Life is known to everybody from the beginning of time. From the cave man to the modern man the idea of good health is inherent in them. For that every human being is struggling in one way or another. Without good health we are unable to lead a longer life. We are also unable to achieve our aims and dreams. You all know that a healthy body is needed for a healthy mind. We should always have a balance between mind and body. So it is our prime duty to be healthy always till the end of the life.
There is nothing in our life more important than positive health and wellbeing. Without good health we couldn’t have happiness, peace, harmony and success. Only a healthy person can enjoy everything in life. With regards to our abundance and wealth and for all achievements good health is very essential. So to say that Health is Wealth is very appropriate.
Now let us understand what are the things that contribute to good health.
Do you know these facts;
A sound health depends on various things like good food, good dwelling places, proper sleeping,proper exercise, adequate relaxation, good relationship, good love life, good values and virtues in life and the like.
Good Health can be measured on the following parameters Physical, Nutritional, Psychological, Mental, Social and Spiritual Wellbeing.
Simple Tips to Stay Healthy
Have Regular Exercise
Exercise is very important, like walking, jogging, regular workouts, aerobics and other body-stimulating exercises. Doing Exercise in the morning is very useful
Take care of your eating habits
Always have a balanced and nutritious diet
Avoid Late Night Meals
Avoid Smoking
Reduce your Alcohol intake
Take plenty of Fluid
Have Proper Sleep
So let us see that we take appropriate measures and steps to lead a healthy life for a better tomorrow.

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