Simple Secrets of a Long and Healthy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2014


From the desk of Dr Magne, author with Wallace Wattles of The Science of Being Well Home Study course.
What if I said you could add up to ten years to your life?
Great question, isn't it?
The fact is, there are simple steps you can take to dramatically increase the probability that you will live a longer and healthier life. Lifelong fitness and health are not accidents. Genetics help, but lifestyle choices under your control are far more important.
Although the "secret to long life" still seems to be a mystery to many, the truth is, it's a fairly simple matter and more people are coming to agreement about how it is done.
The research that has been done in recent years uncovers the keys to longevity in three of the healthiest, most long lived groups in the world: the Okinawans, Adventists (of California) and the Sardinians.
These groups boast a higher rate of centenarians and suffer a much lower incidence of degenerative diseases that kill thousands of people in other parts of the industrialized world.
Sardinia, an Italian island with a population of 1.6 million, has the world's highest percentage of people who have reached the 100-year-old mark. Five of the world's 40 oldest people live in Sardinia and some 135 people per million live to see their 100th birthday, (the western average is closer to 75).
Comparing the Sardinians to the other two groups, there were many differences in backgrounds and beliefs, some as diverse as vegetarian diets to higher fat and protein "mediterranean" diets. However, there were striking similarities across all three groups.
Keep lifelong friends
Eat small portions (low calories/don't overindulge)
Eat fish
Stay physically active & keep working
Find purpose in life
Eat nuts, beans, grains, fruits and vegetables
Do not smoke
Have faith in a higher power
Strong social and family ties
Drink red wine (in moderation)
Devotion to family
Eat high omega 3 foods (pecorino cheese for example)
Get physical activity every day
Stay socially engaged
Eat fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and whole grains
Could It Possibly Be That Simple?
So that's it? Those are the secrets to long life? Could it possibly be that simple? What about research in genetics? Haven't there been some breakthroughs in high tech laboratories? What about pharmaceuticals? Have any new drugs been developed that add years to your life without side effects? Isn't supplement science advancing by leaps and bounds? Isn't there something more "cutting edge?"
Could we look at people who are walking, talking, living breathing role models of health and longevity excellence and simply do what they do?
Are you physically active - consistently, year round, year after year?
Are you a non smoker?
Do you eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains?
Do you control stress?
If not, how could you expect the same results in your life, (unless you are one of the few lucky, genetically blessed ones?) In Fit Over 40, Jon Benson and I set out to do something similar to what the anti aging researchers did in Okinawa, Sardinia and California on an even more practical level and with greater emphasis on the important physical activity and nutritional factors which contribute so heavily to making you look and feel younger.
"Success leaves clues."
It's not a mystery anymore - we already know how to live a long and healthy life: You don't need to dig through the latest research or wait for the next "breakthrough"; All you have to do is find and Model real people who have already done it!
Longevity researchers have studied three groups of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, all of which have extraordinary health and longevity, and found that they all have certain things in common. You can duplicate these things in your own life
By studying what they did and duplicating it in your own life could you add ten years to your life? If you're suffering from obesity, fatigue or health problems, could you begin to feel better, look better and turn your life around, starting today?
For anyone who wants to stay young and fit forever, visit where you will discover another secret of staying young for FREE. It's a report that discloses to you the First Secret of Abundant Health. Claim it today!!!

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