Simple Home Remedies for Treating Pneumonia

Dr. Purushothaman
February 15, 2018

Pneumonia is an acute disease and is mainly caused by infection in one or both lungs. The causes of the infection could be the bacteria, viruses and other harmful foreign elements that may attack the body. The prevention measures are not 100% helpful and it is always better to look for treatment methods that are helpful and bring in some relief. The common belief is that there are many types of causes and the effect may be similar in all various factors that cause pneumonia. Tuberculosis can also lead to pneumonia if it is not treated properly. The doctors give medications and suggest treatments for pneumonia, but many people believe in trying home methods alongside to bring quick relief. Some health tips can help in curing the diseases for good.

Different types of Pneumonia

There are different types of pneumonia. They are Bacterial Pneumonia, Viral Pneumonia and Mycoplasma Pneumonia. Bacterial Pneumonia can affect anyone. Chlamydophila Pneumonia, Legionella Pneumonia and Streptococcus Pneumonia are the bacteria that can lead to Pneumonia. Viral Pneumonia is caused by viruses. This kind of Pneumonia is usually not serious, but if a pregnant woman is affected by this Pneumonia, it could become severe. Same is the case with those who have lung or heart problems. Mycoplasma Pneumonia is caused by the Mycoplasma organism. In such cases, pneumonia can be mild as well as moderate.

How can you help reduce pneumonia impacts in the body?
There are a few daily habits that can help treat pneumonia faster and this helps in relieving some pain and discomfort from the body. These wellness tips can go a long in treating pneumonia. They are as described:

Sleep for 8 hours every day
This is a common suggestion to those who are suffering from diseases or are unwell. The body needs time to heal itself and that is highly possible when the person takes good rest. An 8- hour sleep can help in healing the disease and that also reduces pain and discomfort in the patient.

Take fluids in great quantities
One who suffers from pneumonia seldom wish to eat as the digestion process becomes slower and that causes less hunger. But, in the case of pneumonia, the body needs its daily dose of nutrients to help fight the disease. It is very helpful to consume liquids like juices, water, soup etc. these fluids will provide the body the essential nutrients and thus prevent the condition from worsening.

Do not smoke or drink
It is obvious that the body is weak in pneumonia and smoking or drinking will only worsen the condition. Smoking is bad for the lungs and in the case of pneumonia, the lungs are most affected and smoking can cause it to be a worse condition. It is better to avoid smoking for a few months to get healthy again.

Get daily doses of Vitamin C
Vitamin C is quite important for the body as it provides energy and gives the body the required strength. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamin C. Please avoid junk food in such cases and ensure that the daily diet consists of fruits, vegetables. Choosing fresh and organic fruits can help in providing the right nutrients to the body and make the infected person recover quickly.

Never skip your medicines
The medicines are most important to treat any disease. Pneumonia is a major disease and the condition can get worse if one does not pay attention to medicines and its dosage.

Get vaccinations id required
A few vaccinations have been developed to cure pneumonia and if the doctor suggests, please take the vaccinations on time to treat yourself well.

Follow the above mentioned tips to stay healthy for long.

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