Sexual Problems

Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

The word sex literally shows the two genders, male and female. To fulfill the needs of the body as well as to produce the next generation, a male and female unites physically. The word sex is used to denote the physical yearning of a male and female too.
Unity of a male and a female is a very divine and natural thing. But it can be seen that couples tend to have a lot of sexual problems which goes to a great extent in affecting their relationship. Problems between couple, mainly the married couple increase and decrease due to sex. If any one of the two partners is not satisfied in their sexual life, then problems start peeping up in their life.
Sex at every age can be made enjoyable. But the attitude of the partners also counts a lot. Passion towards the partner changes on the passage of time. But it is necessary to have a good sexual life if a good relationship has to be maintained.

Causes of Sexual Problems


Menopause in women around 45 years and above is the one major factor which makes a woman very uneasy during sexual intercourse. Hormonal changes during this period result in stiffening of the vaginal walls and the vagina becomes shorter.

Health condition

As age goes on, people tend to develop chances of having diabetes, stroke, heart diseases and many other diseases. Condition of your health also affects the sexual life.


With age, men have chances of impotency that is the lack of the ability to produce semen or to maintain erection.


Medicines for blood pressure, depression or several other conditions can ruin the ability to enjoy sex, as these medications can affect the hormones of the body.

Emotional problems

The thoughts going on in the mind can affect the body. This is a known factor, though most people are not aware of it. Such is the case with sex too. If you have an emotional problem, maybe a kind of insecurity towards the relationship, then body reacts readily. It refuses to enjoy sex and the end result would be unhappy sexual life and a bundle of problems.

How to overcome sexual problems

  • In order to overcome sexual problems, both the partners must act together and also support each other.

  • Each of the partners must understand that their mental state does matter when it comes to the problems relating to sex.

  • The routine chores must never affect the intimacy between the partners.

  • Couples must always feel free to be with each other

  • Never hide anything from your partner.

  • Pamper your partner whenever possible.

  • Do not think about your age when you are with your partner. Make him/her feel that he/she is young and attractive

  • Never make sex a routine. This will be boring to both the partners.

  • Make sex enjoyable each time by bringing out the best in you.

  • Always see whether your partner is feeling good to have sex. Never take sex as a part of the job or something which is to be done by force.

  • Always make yourself pleasant. Love yourself. You can only love your partner if you love yourself.

  • Never blame your partner if you did not enjoy sex.

  • Be always there with your partner in the thick and thin. This can strengthen the bond between you two.

  • Care and share with each other. This will reflect in your sex.

  • Surprise your partner occasionally with his/her favorite things or food.

  • Most important of all love your partner whole-heartedly.

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