Secrets to Attaining a Happy Lifestyle

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


We are always living in search for a better life which includes every day's happiness and comfort. However, true happiness is hard to find, you will always find yourself stressed once in a while even though you want to remain stress-free. May it be your career, relationship, school, body, family; everything seems to be a source of stress. But how do you overcome all these stressors and attain a lifestyle that is full of happiness? Here are some lifestyle secrets that will ensure your life is not always in a bad mood.
Happiness and lifestyle are some two very incompatible things. It is upon you to make sure that you strive to make them merge and run your life in a direction full of happiness. Happiness is not based on popularity or abundance; it is the balance of things that will actually make you happy. You might have millions of dollars but actually you are not close to happiness. The secret of a better lifestyle is learning to live well among people and always doing what is right. However, there are a few other factors and supplements that can add more value to your lifestyle.
One, we have friends. It's true that no man is an island; you will always require another person for you to be successful. Always keep it in your mind that man is a social animal. There is no single time you can opt to do all by your own. You will always need another person hand for you to be happy. However, there are friends who will not want to see you run a successful life, so choose only the best friends who will always have your back even in bad times and this way you will find yourself with a smile rather than a frown.
Another spice you need to add to your life so as to attain happiness is adventure. By always being committed to your day to day activities and always following a certain schedule, you will end up dull and bored; and that is not a happy lifestyle. Once in a while go out of the ordinary, break the monotony of your lifestyle and venture into new and exciting things and this way you will definitely find happiness.
Satisfaction is another major secret to achieving happiness in your life. Always be contented with what life gives you and you will be surprised how happy you will always be. Most of us are always complaining, why me? Why can't I be the one driving that car? Why didn't life provide me with all that money? Forget that crap. Appreciate what you have since the more you complain, the more you hate what you have and this way you end up hating your lifestyle which will only make you sadder and sadder by the day.
A happy lifestyle needs so much to maintain but when you put it on the run, you will find that it's very easy to manage. Avoid stressors, or when you can't avoid them, find a way to divert your attention from them. Talk to friends and at times meditate on your own. No doubt when you do this, you will end up leading a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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