Sahashrara - The Crown Chakra Awakening

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Color: Violet/White
Physical: Pineal gland
Element: Space
The crown chakra is our gateway to the spiritual realm. Sahashrara, meaning the thousand petal lotus, is the highest vibration in the chakra energy system and our path to universal consciousness and enlightenment. Represented by the colors violet, white and luminosity, it embodies unification and oneness.
Connoting peace, the concept of oneness refers to being at one with both yourself and the universe. It is the balance of individual and universal consciousness. Toward the development of individual consciousness, it signifies the integration of your individual chakras, colors and vibrations. Chakras do not develop in isolation but rather as your vibrations increase, the chakras converge. Imagine the vibrations of each chakra joining in with other sound vibrations as you ascend the chakras, creating a rich orchestra by the time you reach the crown chakra. Earth, sexual drive, self-esteem, heart, expression, intuition and consciousness are integrated into a harmonious whole self.
Toward universal consciousness, also known as your higher self, when your higher vibrations and the earth's vibrations sync, you form a spiritual connection with a wider universe in which you share wisdom and understanding. Once you have made this connection, you are privy to divine guidance. From here, you are able to tap into universal knowledge.
Unbalanced Crown Chakra
When the crown chakra is blocked, you may feel disconnected from the spiritual world, as well as discouraged, directionless and unmotivated. Your purpose in life is unclear. You may also tend to have too much friction and conflict in your life. An unbalanced crown chakra may lead to ego domination and selfishness.
Opening the Crown Chakra
After purifying and cleaning out the crown chakra, your true life purpose will become clear. Your chakras are balanced and you let your heart and intuition guide your decisions. The solutions to your problems and the path to reaching your goals are now clear. In a state of oneness, you place your trust in the universe. In exchange, you can access universal consciousness and knowledge, the all-knowing.
Once your crown chakra is activated, it is a good time to baptize a new beginning in your life. With your new sense of direction and confidence, your focus should be on your newfound higher purpose. At this juncture, you are less concerned with activities associated with the lower chakras, such as power, sex, and materialism. With your chakras and energy channels clear, you have more energy, and your desire will be to direct more of this energy toward the universal good.

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