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Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


Psychic Blogboogie Blog
The psychic blog is more than just another psychic website. It is a testament to the connection of health in mind, body, and spirit. We experience happiness when all three areas of our being are working pleasantly and in harmony.

The joy of living comes from within and an understanding of the mind, body, and spirit connection to health is a big factor. With over 270 articles on empowerment ranging from weight loss, to goal setting, to stop procrastinating, and even as out of the box as information on a psychic protection blog aims to deliver cutting edge information on all levels of our mind, body, and spirit.

Mind Body Spirit Empowerment
People can become empowered. Once we have made the decision to begin, to take the first few steps, we then need the right information and we can begin to take action upon it. Our quest upon the mind, body, and spirit connection is often challenging. We need informative resources to assist us upon the path.

My Weight Loss Body Challenge
What got me into weight loss tips for mind and soul spirit was my own battle with weight. It is a challenge and can be heartbreaking. I experienced it myself and I know the feeling. People are often cruel to overweight individuals and I know how this is terrible but it does happen.

We begin to see that health, that is our body, is important to us to live well. It is hard to work on our minds, and spirits, when the body is below par. For one thing if we are suffering it is hard to concentrate on our daily activities. It makes life very frustrating when a high degree of suffering is present.

My overweight body was dragging me down. What to do? It took me time to figure it out, that is slow steps, but I eventually got the right information about weight loss and now you can find it on my blog.

I am lucky now. I have high energy and a passion for life. Your body speaks your mind. Yes I lost weight and it is a very empowering feeling when you achieve this. Good health is one of the gifts for spirit, mind, and body. I am thankful for my weight loss everyday.

Mind Blog of A Psychic
We care for our bodies and we do the same for our minds. Our minds are extremely powerful and can produce good things that lead to happiness. Negative thinking is our enemy and positive thinking is our friend.

Quality friends, good books, and inspiring activities all are a part of the solution to the mind body problem. The ever increasing balance between the mind, body, spirit connection leads to even better balance and harmony. I like to feed my mind with good thoughts on a daily basis. It is a good habit.

Spirit Health
Taking care of the spirit is challenging because you cannot see it. It is hard to cater for something that is invisible. I am talking about more than spirit readings, though we have readings on the blog, but a conscious plan to nurture our inner spiritual being within.

The body is a temple for the spirit and there can be balance between all key centers of the energy of mind, body, and spirit to achieve total wellbeing. We can, all of us, develop ourselves to a very high level if we choose. We have the power inside of us to become what we wish to become. is an excellent resource for you.



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