Proven Weight Loss Foods Very Fast in 3 Days

Weight Loss Foods

Dr. Purushothaman
June 21, 2017

Today, everyone is aware of the fact that being obese is unhealthy. People with more than normal body weight tend to make a lot of sacrifices so as to stay healthy. Adding into the diet, a certain food in your diet can help with weight loss very quickly, even within three whole days. Consume the right food and get yourself planned for the great change that you are about to face within a few days.

Some of the foods that can help you in burning your calories are given below

Low Fat Milk

Protein can be gained from milk. Apart from protein, you also get calcium as well as fatty acids from milk. Burning the calories as possible when you eat calcium rich food.

Leafy vegetables

Leafy vegetables contain a lot of fiber. They contain a lot of fiber and low amount of calories and carbohydrates. In short, eating leafy green vegetables will help you to stay fit and slim. It also gives you a whole lot of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.


Eggs help in giving you a lot of energy. If you want to lose weight, you need to cut short the calories and consume protein rich food. While planning a weight loss diet, make sure to add in eggs to it. It is a common myth that eggs are high in cholesterol and that this is not a good for the body’s blood. Studies show that the type of cholesterol found in eggs is not at all harmful.


Mushrooms do not have fat in it. Hunger can be satisfied when you eat the right quantity of beef. This is also the same fact with mushrooms too. Mushrooms hence can provide you a healthy body without making the fat accumulated in the body when we eat red meat.

Kidney beans

Consuming kidney beans on a daily basis is very much good for slimming up your body. Kidney beans are rich in proteins and hence it is the best food if you are planning for losing your weight in a quicker pace.


Yet another protein packed food is chickpeas. It has also got fiber and healthy fats. Losing weight would become a possible dream when you plan to add in chickpeas to your daily diet. It has got resistant starch of around 2 games in half a cup serving. This will help in losing weight even by eating a small portion of it.


Tuna can be a better option if you are planning to increase the intake of calorie. It is also rich in proteins. It is low in calories too. It has got fat, but only in a small amount. So there is no need to worry about gaining weight at all.


Drinking more water on a daily basis can help with the procedure of weight loss fast without any side effects. Apart from drinking water, you can also include fruits and vegetables that have more water content in them. Such foods have the quality of filling up your tummies without giving you extra weight.

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