Promoting The Benefits Of Being Creative Little

Dr. Purushothaman
September 20, 2013

How to Teach Reality but Keep Imagination Alive

It is imperative that we allow our children to use their imagination as they also learn to live in the real world. Teaching our children about "the real world" should not interfere with letting them use their imagination. As we grow we find solutions to problems using the creative side of our brain. Make believe is the first part of making it real. Teach your children that they can control their world with their faith and desire to have all that is good around them.

Positive Thinking with Imagination

Positive thinking and positive self talk such as "I can" type phrases should be a regular part of your vocabulary if you wish to see great things happen. The human mind does not computer real or imagined but simply creates as we allow it or in other words as we command. It has been said that a good tree can only bring forth good fruit and this is very true when it comes to the human mind. More can be done when we believe it so and focus on solutions and the positive thoughts. As we live our lives focused on positive thoughts we will see the positive effects and will know how important those habits will be for our children.

We Grow Only When we Create

We can move forward with all we do in life as long as we continue to believe we are able to do so. We succeed because we believe we are truly able to accomplish that which we desire to accomplish. It is through our creativity that we are able to build the future we want to have for ourselves and our loved ones. We can guarantee a wonderful future if we allow creative thought and act on those creative ideas. With positive and creative thought we will be able to accomplish much in the way of success throughout our lives.

Progress Comes From Imagination

If it were not for the inventors and other pioneers who have gone before us pursuing things that were impossible we would not be as comfortable as we now are today. All things we have invented or will invent to improve our lives come from the imagination. Creativity is more than "make believe" or "imaginary" as it's base structures states; "create". Creativity, imagination and make believe are not things to be left in childhood but rather a truth that should be carried with us throughout our lives. As humans we are given the ability to think and to reason not just so we can question our existance but so we can fulfill the measure of it by becoming greater than we are and lifting others as well.


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