Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Procrastination is essentially a operate of our ego beliefs. Our ego mind pulls us into creating commitments that it then operates making an attempt to urge us to not follow through. During this means we tend to area unit tricked into basic cognitive process in two false pictures of self, one among an undefeated personality and one among chaffy failure personality.

When we fall for this procrastinate trick of the ego mind we find yourself distinguishing with each false picture although they're utterly opposite of every alternative.

Procrastination could be a common issue amongst students and lots of adults. There is a unit many that struggle with deadlines every day, with the sensation of close doom because the examination or project date looms. It's one among the biggest issues seen in faculty counsel centers, and it's one thing nearly everybody has had to influence at some purpose in their lives.

Most people procrastinate as a result of them pursue temperament, area unit petrified of doing badly at the task, or area unit just too broken with their time and resources. Procrastination may also a lot of seldom be associate degree indicator of one thing else happening with the person, like a signal of attention deficit disorder.
Humans are carrying lots of ego related ideas. All are simply nothing but every one is considering that as something necessary. But it will really ruin life. Always avoid ego and be happy in a great manner with lots of happiness and cool thoughts.

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