Are You Praying Effectively?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 6, 2014

Why do so many people's prayers go unanswered? It really does seem like prayers are answered in preferential order, since some come to pass and many others don't. Is God really going by some criteria that we have to meet in order to have our prayers answered or could it be that we're just going about praying the wrong way?

From my observation, most people pray by begging for what they want. "Oh please let this happen." Or "I really need this, please bring it to me." If it's something really important, we often barter for the service. "If you heal me of my cancer, I promise to always be nice and loving toward everyone!" Sometimes this works but more often than not, it doesn't. I think it's because this form of prayer places us in a position of powerlessness. We're asking for things we don't think we can attain on our own and that makes us feel powerless and this feeling often brings about results that reflect it. "But I am powerless! I can't cure myself of cancer. I need intervention!"

Who told you you can't cure cancer? In medical terms, it's called spontaneous remission. People are diagnosed with cancer and return weeks or months later for a follow up and there is no sign of it anymore. There are many documented cases of people with Multiple Personality Disorder who have been diagnosed with cancer as one personality but show absolutely no signs of it as another personality. This is proof that we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

The world is also full of examples of people who have gotten things in very unexpected ways. People who needed money for an outstanding debt, rain to soothe a drought, spontaneous healing of a serious illness, etc. These are examples of the right thing being synchronistically drawn to you so you can achieve your goal. Another way to phrase it might be, "The Lord works in mysterious ways."

So how do we pray in an effective manner? The first step is to decide what you want and why you want it. For example, let's say you want to pray for money to pay a debt. Why do you want it? The obvious answer is, "To pay my debt" but the real answer is probably more like, "To be free of the stress and worry this debt brings me." Next, stop giving your power away and assuming you're not capable of attaining what you want. This means no more begging. No more "Please do this" and "Please bring me that". Then declare what you want as though it has already happened. "I am now completely free of the stress and worry of this debt because it has been paid in full." Noticed I didn't ask for the money, I asked to be free of the stress and worry and that the debt was paid but I didn't specify how. In other words, I didn't say, "I now have the money to pay off this debt." Finally, and this tends to be the hardest part for people, don't spend time getting in your own way. Don't tell yourself how unlikely it is the money will show up in time or at all, for that matter. Don't place limitations on it by deciding it has to come from a certain place or in a certain way. For instance, if you needed $500, don't assume you'll get a check for $500 at once. You might get $50 here, $20 there, $100 over there or the money might not even come to you. I spent 3 days in the hospital a year and incurred a bill for $1,200 that I didn't have. Instead of trying to generate the money, I simply decided it was paid...however that was going to happen. Ultimately, the hospital ended up paying the bill, which was something that had never even occurred to me as being an option.

This method of prayer does work but it takes some practice to get used to. For so many, the idea that we don't have to go petitioning the universe for what we want and that we might not be worthy of having it is a tough one to let go of. My suggestion is simply to try it. It certainly can't hurt you and it might very well improve the effectiveness of your prayers.
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Jason Hundley is an Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki Master Teacher. He has studied various metaphysical concepts and is also certified in many energy healing modalities including Reiki, Quantum Touch, Theta Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and Transformation Meditation. You can find more articles at Spiritual Expansion or Your Integrated Self


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