Prayer For Success: The Need To Pray

Dr. Purushothaman
November 6, 2014

From Genesis, there has been a battle intended for authority handed to Adam by God to change hands. The evil one was at the centre of this malicious hatch. Satan later showed up to Adam in form of a serpent to con him to contravene God's commandment in the Garden of Eden. The Devil's desire had been for Adam to give up the dominion, authority and power he was given by The Supreme God to him. The evil one chronically yearned for that power and control in the world. When Adam surrendered to the sly deceptiveness from the devil, that single action heralded the beginning of the move of dominion and control from Adam to the evil one. He triumphed. After that, the ultimate demon has been in charge on the earth. (Gen 1:26, 27; Ps 8:6). The evil one evolved into the king of this earth. Second Corinthians 4:4 describes The evil one is the god of this world. So, he has control. Specifically where? On earth. He'll keep that control; he'll be there as god in this globe, until Adam's contract expires.

Misunderstandings That The Almighty Is In Charge On Earth:
Most of us have constructed spiritual air castles which asserts that The Almighty is without question, ruling over the world, Oh no! He's not. Even some ministers of God say God has everything under control. He's running everything.Well, if He is, He sure has things in a mess. People are killing each other. Little children are hungry and dying. Women are suffering. There are wars everywhere. Natural disasters avail everywhere. If God has everything under control, do you mean God is running those wars? - an unregenerate columnist of a nationally syndicated newspaper penned this during the Vietnam War. In clear cut categorical terms, God is not the administrator over issues on this planet. But we thank Him that He will rule over the whole world some day!
Though God's awesome and absolute plan may not appear in full fledge manifestation on earth, those that have given their life to Jesus Christ, His Only Begotten Son, enjoy his grace and power. The Holy Bible states that God, The Supreme Being, is not willing that any soul should be destroyed, but that each and every one of us come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). Though God's will may not be carried out here on earth, any moment people consider the Lord Jesus Christ as their Rescuer and Saviour of their souls, God's absolute plan is made manifest upon their lives. If The Supreme Being, Our Lord, had been completely responsible for administering tasks and forcing down His absolute plan on individuals, He'd ensure that just about every person in the whole world gets delivered and saved immediately. Generally, if God were in charge, there won't be any type of conflicts, anguish, lack of employment; severe weather conditions and all sorts of the problems most people confront in recent times.

God Has A Restriction
God can't, legitimately and fairly, get into the scenario and get back that control from the evil one. The devil has got dominion right here in the world. He has the legal backing on Adam's territory. However, God cannot do anything on earth unless a man down here inquires of Him.
This Moment That You Must Pray
Now that you have gotten a hold of a distinct opinion about prayer, it is only pertinent for everyone to strongly consider to take their prayer lives seriously. Recall what the bible says: "But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way." The Book of Matthew 13:25. Get up at this time and pray the absolute plan of God, The Supreme Being on your life, household, district, state, country, continent and the earth. The duty is yours to handle. Grab your fate right into your own very hands. Listen to what John Wesley on an occasion pronounced: It seems God is limited by our prayer life - that He can do nothing for humanity unless someone asks Him. Pray at this instant; speak to The Almighty to intercede with on that quandary that continually keeps you imprisoned. Carry that burden to The Most High. He offers to solve it. And He indeed will. God Bless you really good.
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