How to Pray Article Series: Are My Prayers Being Heard?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 6, 2014

In prayer, we get to communicate with God whom we do not see, touch, and whom we seldom or never hear audibly. It is difficult to talk to someone who we cannot see, hear, and touch. Because of these, we sometimes feel that our prayers are going nowhere and that God does not hear us.

With millions of people praying to God, does he really hear all of them? He is God. He has powers that are beyond us. He knows everything. He is aware of all our prayers. Jesus said that he numbers the hairs on our heads, meaning, God is aware of every detail about us and our lives.

"Heard" can also mean "answered" in another context. A follow up question could be "if my prayers are heard, how come I don't see any answers to my prayers?"

Just because what you were asking for did not happen, it doesn't mean God did not answer your prayer. God has no obligation to answer our prayers all the time. Sometimes He says "I will give it to you but you have to wait", "Yes, but not what you expected", "Yes, and I will also give you so much more", "Yes, I thought you would never ask for it", or "No, I won't give it to you because it's not good for you, I would give you something better instead".

Whatever status we have in life, God hears our prayers; He just responds sometimes in ways that we do not expect. Remember that He is the same God who sends rain and sunshine to the evil as well as the good, and calls on us to love our enemies because that's how He loves.

You just have to have faith that God hears our prayers because it is unlikely that God will talk to us and tell us that He has heard us. We just have to trust in Him and believe Him. He loves us, hears us, and will respond to us in His own way and in His own time.

Remembering the times when God has answered your prayers and the times when He has been faithful to you will help you not to lose faith in Him. He always hears and answers our prayers.
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