Practice Anusara and Ashtanga Yoga to Bring Peace of Mind, Body and Soul

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014

These days, there are several ways of practicing yoga with many types of forms and styles that have been adapted to suit modern lifestyles and the concept of life as a whole. For many, the practice of yoga is a daily routine as it helps them to gain control over their mind, body and emotions in a very strategic and effective manner.
A popular form of yoga adopted by several people today is the Anusara yoga. It was originally created by an American yogi. This form is one of the latest forms of Yogic practice and it is already very popular in many countries across the world.
The basic principle that signifies this form of yogic practice is that all humans are born with a unique quality known as intrinsic goodness. According to Anurasa yoga principles, all you need to do is to focus on your positive energies. The entire physicality of a human can be brightened up just like a fresh flower by practicing this particular form of yogic postures as it is taught by highly qualified teachers. The basic idea of physically practicing this yoga is to bring out the intrinsic goodness and aura from within the human body.
It helps to inculcate a regular habit of exercising in such a way that it helps to open up the heart, experience the utter beauty and charm of being graceful, and to totally bring out the inner beauty and goodness.
This particular form of yoga is taught in almost all yoga schools and if you are keen to bring about a positive change in your life then you too must make an effort to sign up for the anusara yoga class, at least on a trial basis. You will start feeling better right after the first few classes. Such yoga classes are easily available for a short period of time or if you like the change then you can continue as long as you like to.
Yet another very popular form or technique of yoga is the ashtanga Yoga. This form is also known as Power Yoga as it involves great physical as well as mental exercises that are dynamic and helps to evolve the entire human body to bring in positive changes in mind, body and soul.
Ashtanga yoga is basically an art form that teaches the technique of deep breathing and synchronized movements of different body parts in such a way that it gradually helps to warm up the body temperature. This impressive connection of deep breathing and body movement helps to build up strength, increases flexibility, helps to maintain body and mind balance, and also helps to relax tensed nerves and muscles.
This form of yoga is very popular in the West and has helped thousands of people to change their lives in such a positive way that these days almost every third person is seen attending such classes at top-notch yoga schools and institutions.

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