Positive Thinking

Dr. Purushothaman
September 21, 2013

In this day and age I really do think everyone needs to really try to stay positive...I mean they say we out the recession but how many people are still unemployed?

I bet you all of you feel down from time to time.. have you ever thought about what gets you out of the slump? prob not, and you probably don`t even realise you are in one some times. If someone has an arguement with you turn the other cheek but dont aggravate the situation by arguing back this will only make you think negatively

Having a bit of positive thinking can help you realize things that are never thought possible, your world can be your oyster, so here are a few tips which I think will help you improve your positive thinking.

Take passionate action towards living your life, talk is cheap...Action = deposits in the bank of a passionately authentic future. Without it, passion is void. Positive thinking + Action = massive results whether you want to make money or improve your well being.

Commit to yourself and to those you love to create a powerful life you can love. Instead of reacting, commit to creating from your heart and soul, out of love and not fear. A dream without positive thinking and action is just a dream.

Recognize and embrace the thought that each moment is perfect regardless of its outcome. Every time you hit on something that may seem too extreme, why not give it a shot and see if it will work. You will be surprised to see if there are other ways to get the task done in time. If you are not pleased with the outcome, decide to use that moment to learn from and make the right shift.

You will notice that positive thinking people are generally the high rollers in life and don't mean just with money but in terms of lifestyles and what they have, like having a good family or strong relationships. positive people attract positive people. Positive people don't like associating with negative people...why? coz it brings them down when times are tough.
Doctors will tell you the an optimistic person generally heals up faster than pessimistic person. When you can use the power of positive thinking you can really make things you never thought imaginable.

For most of us our mood can depend on how we wake up...and sometimes there is nothing we can do when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed...luckily iv always managed to roll the right way...well 98% of the time. This will also depend on the environment that you wake up in...now if you have kids and I mean young kids your happy feeling can go to Im gonna rip your head off feeling which is NOT how you want to start your day, but thats just the joys of kids. Got to love them. Get things ready the night before so you have less to worry about when getting your kids ready or your work things in to gear. Not to mention having breakfast, I need to eat first thing or I turn into Mr grumpy... so if this works do it.

Now this is something you all don't want to hear but your diet has a small part in positive thinking aswell as exercise..if you are always feeling run down and tired naturally you will stop thinking positive. Try eating some healthy energy foods and exercise 3 times a week... having more energy will boost your life in more ways than one.

Now I know this might seem silly but try laughing once and a while... if you're are serious person then go watch a comedy show... laughing make you happy which keeps you calm which in turn will help you think positive.Life has so much to offer don`t allow yourself to mope around in self-pity. Humor is very attractive and very passionate: life-giving.

You are the architect of your life...SO START BELIEVING YOU ARE! No one can change this but you.

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