Positive Phrases: Why Most People Do Them Wrong!

Dr. Purushothaman
September 20, 2013

Positive phrases are easy to master when you know a couple of tricks. The first thing to keep in mind when choosing positive words and phrases is thinking about the end result you desire. This article gives you tips on how to do positive phrases correctly and why keeping positive thoughts works so well in making you happy.

WHY POSITIVE THOUGHTS WORK SO WELL: The first thing to remember when learning how to use positive phrases correctly is that positive words and phrases carry with them a “positive energy” that can get embedded into your mind and body. In fact, the more positive thoughts you think on a consistent basis, the more you are actually changing your body's chemistry to create more positive thoughts. If you can keep it up long enough, your body will actually become addicted to having a mindset full of positive words and phrases that will make it easier for you to stay happy.

HOW PEOPLE DO POSITIVE PHRASES INCORRECTLY: Many people think that they are correctly reciting positive phrases when they say things like, “I am losing weight,” but the reality of this phrase is that it focuses on “weight.” A better choice when using positive thinking phrases for weight control would be to get down to your core desire, which is to be slim and beautiful, and instill positive thoughts of “I am rapidly becoming slim and beautiful.”

FAMOUS POSITIVE THINKING PHRASES NOT TO USE: Ever hear the term, “Don't worry, be happy?” Well, when I say to you “Don't worry,” your mind automatically picks up the subject of that sentence, which is worry. Why not drop the first two words of that sentence which focus your mind on “worry,” and instead focus your mind on being happy by just saying “be happy?” The same is true with, “No pain, no gain.” Does that motivate you to think positive thoughts, or thoughts about pain?

POSITIVE THINKING PHRASES THAT ENHANCE YOUR DESIRE: The bottom line that you want to get to when doing positive thinking exercises such as creating positive phrases is that you want to choose positive words and phrases that tell your subconscious exactly what you want it to do. One way to get to your core desire is to journal out your thoughts about the change you'd like to make in yourself and see what words come up.

WHY PEOPLE DO POSITIVE PHRASES WRONG: Another reason many people are not successful at instilling positive words and phrases into their minds enough to make substantial change is because they don't see the positive words and phrases consistently enough to get absorbed on a level that makes a difference. This is where having positive thinking quotes around you either on your computer screen, on your desk or on your walls will keep the “positive flow” going into your mind enough to make change.

HOW TO GET STARTED WITH POSITIVE PHRASES THAT WORK: First, get down to your core desire. Second, learn which words not to use when creating positive words and phrases, and lastly, keep all your positive thinking quotes and positive phrases around you enough to have them be completely absorbed by your mind and body enough to get addicted to them and make your journey to becoming positive run on auto pilot.


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