Positive Concepts In life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

Be in the Mystery of Life.

Be open to each experience that you have.

The Origin of Suffering and Pain is Attachment to an outcome - past, present and future.

Law of Detachment - Happiness is letting go of any attachment or expectation.

We create our own Reality. What you think manifests.

Visualize the Life you want. Feel the end result!

A Thought Alone can make change – Believe in yourself.

Simple Thoughts & Words can change things.

Our Thoughts affects our Reality.

Your Consciousness influences everyone around you.

Observe – Do not react with negative emotion.

Anger affects your consciousness & everyone around you.

Life is full of Possibilities, there is Magic before our eyes there are no definite paths.

Unity – We Are One. We are all connected to the same universal energy source.

Take Time each day to Create Your Reality. Visualize and affirm this.

Practice Mindfulness. Be grateful of what you have today!

Ask yourself “What can I do to serve others?” Giving brings you health & happiness.

Live in the Moment. Each event is a lesson.

You cannot avoid change. Embrace change as it makes you grow.

Avoid negative “low frequency” emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy and judgment.

Practice Forgiveness - Learn to let go of past wounds and move on to the Present.

Focus on the Present. Focus on Now.

Breathe. Practice deep breathing when stress & emotion overwhelm you.

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