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Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Has someone asked once to help you save your relationship? Many a shattered soul asked this question of family and friends. There are moments in life when you release the thread that joins you and your partner. And there are also times when you want to close this gap and restore forces binding once more. Situations like this are hard, emotionally and even physically and require very mature thinking.
The truth is that the best cure for anxiety find and fix the cause of the problem that caused that learn from it and move forward. We must learn from the mistakes of the past and take precautions to make sure of not falling into the same destructive patterns and new behavior. Here are some tips on how to progress towards a possible reconciliation.
Assess your own and the relationship. Are you able to put yourself back in the relationship and be a force for good? Can you identify what happened before? Have a negative or destructive trends that hindered the relationship? Things could have made different? What better? You also need to evaluate if your partner is also prepared to exert any effort to save their relationship. If the feeling is mutual, have a good chance of saving your relationship.
After identifying problems that tense relationship and have done better to learn and accept your part, you can try to talk to your partner about them. Talk calmly, openly and honestly. Express your feelings and concerns, but closely listen to what your partner has to say. You have good listening skills is essential to the success of any reconciliation. It must be willing to listen openly and to refrain from making any emotional outbursts. If your partner tells you something you don't want to hear, the best still and quiet. It could be difficult to hear and accept its partners views on what happened, but if you really want to restore their relationship, the air must delete. Save a relationship will not happen overnight. Give it time.
Love certainly works in mysterious ways and problems are normal in the course of a relationship. Always must be sufficiently strong to withstand the challenges together if you want to the employment relationship. Laughter and tears often form the strongest bonds in any relationship so fun and there be mutually.Never can predict the future and only time will tell if the two are destined to walk down the aisle together.
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