An Overview About Lyme Disease

Dr. Purushothaman
March 18, 2018

The Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria B. Burgoferi. The host of the bacteria is animals and it is transferred to the human body when an affected animal bites or comes in contact with our body. There are about three or four stages of the diseases and it is always best to detect it right at the first stage for treatment and early relief. Let us read up a little about the symptoms depending on the stages. Parents must read the Healthy tips for kids to keep them away from Lyme disease.

Stage 1- Early localized- The first stage symptoms are something called a bull’s eye rash. In this type, the bitten or affected are turning red and swells. The rash is visible on the skin, but it hardly itches or pains. So, one may mistake it to be a common rash and ignore it. It is now when the disease may spread and grow on the body.

Stage 2- Early disseminated Lyme- When the disease goes on to its next stage; this is when the pain and suffering starts. The most common symptoms are chills, shivering and fever. Apart from these, the patient will experience swelling in the lymph nodes and ones they pain. It leads to joint pain and discomfort. Sore throat, fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, muscle aches are also common symptoms of the Lyme disease.

Stage 3- Late Disseminated Lyme disease- By the time the patient reaches the third stage of the disease; they start to experience some acute symptoms. Arthritis is a common symptom. In arthritis, the knee bones go completely weak and one feels extreme pain and discomfort in the knee joints. The heart rhythm gets completely weird and changes drastically. Memory loss and difficulty in concentration are common symptoms at this stage. As one loses memory, the acute cases may also lead to dementia. Dementia leads to confusion, memory loss and over thinking.

Treat the Lyme disease at the first stage

It is always better to treat the rash as it occurs. As we have read, the later stage symptoms are acute and difficult to treat or reverse. The rash can be cured with tubes and medicines that the doctor gives. The late stage symptoms can get permanent and difficult to cure. The tick can be removed from the body and the disease can be cured right there. Treating right at the time when the bulls-eye rash is seen should be done. If treated early, you will not face any kind of difficulty, or else it will be very difficult for you if it reaches stage 3. Intake of the prescribed antibiotic medicines for both children and adults should be done without any delay. For this, you need to consult a doctor. Make sure that you do not skip the medicines. Treatment will be successful only if you take the right medicines at the right time without any fail. Follow health and fitness tips to stay healthy and lead a good lifestyle.

Prevention is better than cure

In the case of every disease, prevention is better than the cure. In the case of the Lyme diseases, it is better to prevent in every way possible as this disease can cause permanent effects on the body. The best prevention is a frequent application of mosquito repellents, so that the insects cannot come close to our body. If you have pets, be aware that they do not have ticks, if they get ticks; please use a tweezers and pet medicine to get rid of them as these ticks can move with kids quite easily.

The Lyme disease can affect kids and it is better to read up on Health tips for children to keep children away from pain and diseases.

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