Old Age is to Recognize the Life - Tips on how to Enjoy Retirement

Dr. Purushothaman
January 9, 2014


Old age is the last part of human life. It generally is accompanied with the deterioration in the physical abilities of a person like walking, hearing...etc as he/she ages. Looking at old age with fear is not a solution. Those who accept the old age with smile become ripe for the good heavenly life which is waiting for them.
Old age can reduce mental activity and brings physical weaknesses. Old age also offers you an opportunity to closely examine self and the enclosures you've been within all these years. It makes us realize that the entire world is an illusion and that the visionary life is eternal.
Those people who accept their situation and leave behind selfishness and keep themselves busy in prayer and meditation surely gain peace in their old age.
Try to follow the following to enjoy old age with all the happiness.
1. Try to engage yourself in some physical activity. A few minutes a day goes a long way. It'll make you feel more alive and healthy.
2. Always keep your mind involved in some constructive activity. This keeps your mind alert to all those around you.
3. Leave all old enmities and hatreds for all those who may have deceived you. These negative emotions do not serve you, and will cause you more pain and grief than necessary.
4. Make it a point to avoid criticizing and expressing grief. Again, these emotions are negative and will cause you to feel poorly.
5. Go to bed early with a good mind. It will help your gland to secrete good hormones and you will stay fresh.
6. Start studying something spiritual and engage in meditation. This will open your mind, and place you in a state of peace and positiveness.
7. Regularly pray to God as per your faith. Do not ask anything from the Lord. Just commit yourself to the unconditional surrender to the supreme power.

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