Obesity – A Global Health Problem

Dr. Purushothaman
May 6, 2018

In today’s life there will be very few people who are able to manage their weight. Most of us are becoming victims of obesity. Obesity is not something which is impossible to cure. Obesity simply means over weight of our body and which increases due to our improper diet or because of taking extra calories as per our body requirements. Apart from diet, physical activities also matter. Our indulgence in physical activities makes our body fit and fine, but, due our busy schedule, we hardly get time for any physical activities.

Nowadays without caring much we eat whatever we like and that is one of the reasons for obesity. Eating is not a bad habit, but, you should keep in mind what is good and bad for your health. Without having a good health you cannot achieve your goals so, from now build a schedule that leads to a healthy life so that you can live a peaceful and calm life.

Reasons for obesity

  • Consumption most amount of calories- The present generation consumes food which is mostly unhealthy and those that tend to provide more fat. Such food habits often lead to obesity. Eating too many junk foods can ultimately lead to obesity.

  • Leading a relaxed life- Relaxation is important for humans. But when too much relaxation leads to laziness, it will ultimately make a person too lethargic enough to do any kind of physical activities. Lack of physical activities is one of the reasons for obesity. Spending a lot of time in front of the television and gaming with the computers and smartphones has made the present generation a bunch of lethargic people who are prone to be obese.

  • Lack of sleep- Sleep is very essential for being in shape. When we deprive our body of quality sleep, it can ultimately result in obesity. People who work late, watch television during late hours are all prone to become obese.

  • Medications- Certain medicines make our body to gain unnecessary weight. It can be seen that some of the commonly prescribed drugs have the capability of making the person consuming them become fat all of a sudden.

Protect yourself from health diseases

Obesity is such a disease which leads a number of health problems. A person suffering from obesity will definitely have some or the other disease which in return ruins their health more. Therefore, we should start adapting a healthy lifestyle which has a number of benefits. If you follow a healthy diet plan, healthy routine then you may have less chances to become a victim of such dangerous diseases. A proper and good lifestyle means that you give proper time to each and every work. Due to our work load we have forgotten to do exercise which is one of the reasons of our bad health. So, the first and foremost thing is to start practicing exercise daily. 30 minutes of the workout will be sufficient to keep your body in good health. So, now it is in your hand, how you work to achieve a good health.

A good health is a key to success

Everyone is running to achieve some or the other thing in their life. However, to reach to a certain level requires lots of hard work and good health. If you are suffering from obesity than you cannot work with full energy no matter if you are having potential to do it. So, to achieve your desired goal, it is must that you first get some healthy tips which will help you to cure your health problems. Nowadays, with the help of the internet you can get any information by just sitting at home. So, make use of technology and see how you can save yourself from ongoing problems.

Stop being suffer anymore

Now it is high time and we should look after problems like obesity. Half of the population has already become the victim of it. It is we who are playing with our own health. Obesity has led to problems like cancer, heart disease, blood fat, and many more, but, we still are doing things which will eventually make us victim of it. Now, we have to adapt a new and healthy lifestyle if we want to make an escape from such diseases. So, start taking, your health in a serious manner and along with healthy eating do perform some physical activity after all, healthy life leads to a happy life.

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