Now You Can Prevent Cancer Very Easily

Dr. Purushothaman
May 9, 2018

Cancer, as we all know is a dangerous and life threatening disease and once it affects a person, there is no coming back and it is quite difficult to get cured completely as the cancer cells spread faster than the mode of treatment that can help. By all means, it is rather better to make a few lifestyle changes in order to prevent cancer and lead a happy and a healthy life free from any life threatening diseases. A few simple changes can go on to make major changes and leave one feeling happy and healthy. Eat good food and reap all health care benefits.

Preventive measures for cancer

There are a few preventive measures that one can do to avoid and stay away from cancer. Some good health tips can go a long way in changing one’s life and making it healthier. One may think that these tips might not help, but there is no harm in trying them for a better lifestyle. They are stated in the following points:

  • Avoid using the microwave too often- The heat technology that the microwave oven uses for heating and cooking food has a bad effect on one’s body. The plastic containers that undergo heat may even produce cancer chemicals that can deeply affect the body and cause cancer.

  • Say no to non-stick cookware- We all know that the non-stick cookware looks appealing and also helps prevent wastage of food while cooking as it comes off clean. However, the worst aspect of using the particular non-stick cookware is that it can lead to producing cancer cells as the non stick material is not good for health and can produce cancer cells.

  • Soak up the sun-We tend to avoid going out in the sun in fear of tanning and such issues. The reality is it is important to soak up the sun as that helps prevent cancer. The ideal time to be out in the sun is in the morning.

  • Eat Garlic regularly- Garlic has major benefits for the body and to speak of the greatest benefit, garlic is known to help percent various cancer types. If one consumes garlic on an everyday basis, it is more likely that their body will have the strength to fight cancer.

  • Consume Green tea for prevention- Green tea again has a high level of antioxidants and that helps prevent cancer. The catechins are powerful antioxidants that help prevent cancer and also provide other health benefits to the body.

  • Avoid whiskey and beer- we are all aware of the fact that alcoholic beverages are not good for health and can induce and create one to have various diseases. The wisest thing to do is ensure that one restricts intake of alcoholic beverages to prevent cancer and other diseases.

  • Avoid eating too much protein- For avoiding cancer; we should avoid consuming excess amount of protein. There is a common misconception about consuming high levels of protein. People think that this practice is healthy, but this is not true. Too much of protein food, especially those from animals can lead to different types of cancers. Hence, they should be consumed at a minimum level.

  • Eat berries- For protecting yourself from cancer; you need to eat more amounts of berries. Studies conducted shows that berries can be helpful in fighting against cancer. Since berries are good antioxidants, they have the ability to fight against cancer. Include berries like blueberries, strawberries or blackberries to your diet and gain the strength to fight against cancer.

  • Include Tomatoes in your diet- Tomatoes have the ability to prevent cancer. Prostate cancers can be prevented by consuming tomatoes. They are able to protect the DNA cells from cancers. The reason is because they contain antioxidants named lycopene.

  • Avoid intake of sugar- We can prevent cancer if we limit the intake of sugar to a very large extent. Beverages that have large amount of sugar content are henceforth to be avoided. Consume fruit juices without adding extra sugar. This can actually help us from being attacked by cancer. Healthy lifestyle too helps us to stay away from this deadly disease.

These are some simple food habits that can help prevent cancer. It also helps one to stay healthy and away from any other diseases that may affect life. It is always beneficial to follow healthy life tips for long term care.

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