Dr. Purushothaman
August 6, 2014

Neurons refer to nerve cells found in the human brain. Neurobiologists highly recommend neurobics as the most appropriate exercise to boost your brain power. The habits you are currently used to are responsible for your current results. You can also improve or better your results if you change your habits. There are several ways to boost your brain power which people can employ and get desirable outcomes. However, this article intends to highlight only the major strategies that can be used by different ages to boost brain power. All the strategies that are discussed here are in form of exercises:

1. Developing motor pathways. This is an essential exercise recommended for people in all ages. Even at old age, you can employ this exercise to boost your brain power. Tightening up connections as well as new pathways is quite simple so long as a person is consistent in the exercise. For the right-handed, try using your left hand when changing clothes, making phone calls, eating, writing among other activities that you perform using your right hand. This exercise helps in creating new pathways for nerves and aids to boost your brain power.

2. Cognitive ability. This might involve playing your favorite game or doing any other activity that will task your mind. For instance, use a new way to reach the workplace such as using a new path, traveling different directions, changing the position you sit in an office or using a different chair, disarranging the contents of your table among other adjustments in your daily routine. This is where brainwave entrainment technology comes in, such as watching a new movie on the latest DVD. Such movies require extra thinking hence boost your brain power. Stagnation in habits bars the growth and development of your brain. If you are used to watching soaps, try watching horror movies and your brain will definitely be ignited.

3. Stimulating other senses. Just like the first strategy, try to do things differently. For instance, closing your eyes when carrying out ordinary activities such as taking a bath, dressing, washing dishes will ignite and develop dormant senses that you rarely use in the course of your daily activities. For instance, blind people have a superior auditory sense as compared to people with acute eyesight. Blind people also have a sharp sense of touch and smell and can identify people they regularly interact with just by touching them or smelling them. Boosting brain power requires more than just carrying out the ordinary activities.

4. Having enough sleep and rest. It is recommended that sleeping for eight hours in the 24-hour cycle will greatly boost your brain power. Lack of enough sleep and rest leads to a feeling of stress. The lesser the stress, the more your mental functioning will be. The current economic hardships have seen people spending as little 3 hours on sleep to make ends meet. Beware, such habits will have adverse effects on the functionality of your brain which you need for the success of your chores.

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