Natural Stress Relief Products and Practices That Actually Work

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014


Let's get back to basics and learn to deal with our stress and anxiety without all the harsh, man-made chemicals that are on the pharmacy's shelves these days. Consider it part of the green movement. In the past few years, we have seen a lot of publicity around organic products and green living. We have been told that there are natural ways to shop, drive, cook, eat, drink, live and all of them are better than what we do now. Everyone is going green.And in the case of anxiety relief, natural is definitely better.
Here we will explore different methods and products that are all natural and will actually provide some natural anxiety and stress relief . You may have already tried a few of these things with great success. Continuing to employ these tactics or use these products is a great idea if they have worked for you. Remember, not every method works for everybody but you should be able to find at least one item on the list that will work for you.
1. Aromatherapy
The foundation of aromatherapy dates back thousands of years and its staying power can be attributed to its usefulness. This method uses essential oils that are extracted from plants and are proven to affect your mood and improve your health. These oils and their aromas can help you relax and provide stress relief in a natural way and have a variety of uses. Essential oils can be used in massage or in a bath. The fragrance of an oil can be infused into a candle or burned as incense. There are also things like Chamomile and Rose Hips that are part of herbal teas that you can drink. All of these items are pure and natural and are proven to help a person relax, thereby relieving stress and anxiety.
2. Nutraceuticals and Natural Dietary Supplements
Stress is part of a vicious, unhealthy physical cycle. Generally, a person who is under a lot of stress may fail to take care of themselves the best way possible. They may do things like skip meals or eat a very unhealthy diet that consists of a lot of junk food. Unfortunately, this creates even more stress on the body, making a person feel terrible and the cycle continues. Adding some dietary supplements is a great idea if you are suffering for the physical effects of a stressful life. There are several different choices in this respect that will all work well. Its just personal preference. You could add a multi-vitamin to your diet or speak with your doctor about adding specific vitamin supplements. In addition to that, you could add a nutraceutical which is a natural supplement with medicinal qualities that are proven to lift your mood and combat stress. Adopting a healthier diet all around will also make your mind and body feel better.
3. Meditation / Hypnosis
Using a guided mediation CD and self-hypnosis techniques you should be able to relax your mind and help soothe the stress that comes with constant self-talk and worry. Life can be overwhelming because there are so many things to do, so many responsibilities, and its easy to get caught up in things. Taking a few minutes a day to relax your mind and body will undoubtedly provide more clarity. In fact, such techniques actually affect your brain chemistry and a person can achieve long-lasting results with regular use. You can purchase mediation CDs or MP3 tracks and practice meditation and self-hypnosis in the comfort of your own home.
4. Music
It is clinically proven that music has quite an affect over a persons state of mind. Music is everywhere and you have most likely experienced its effectiveness. Think of the last time you watched a horror movie or even a television drama. The scenes are always underscored with music  deep, slow, menacing notes when something terrible is about to happen and more upbeat, higher pitched notes during happier parts of the show. Not only does music affect our mood, but it also has been shown to provide relaxation, lower a persons heart rate and blood pressure. To employ this method for natural stress relief, choose classical music that is on the slow side. If you don't particularly care for classical music, then use slow music that you enjoy. If you are looking to purchase something specifically to help you relax, there are many songs available and labeled specifically for stress and anxiety relief .
Choosing one or all of the methods described above to manage stress naturally and combat the side effects that a stressful life can cause will help you feel better and live better. And the best part is that you will know you are doing it the natural way thereby not inflicting any unwanted side-effects onto yourself. The above methods are tried and true and will absolutely offer you relief from your anxiety and the symptoms you experience.

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