My Smoking Habit Has Gone

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


I used to be a two-pack-a-day man but now, thanks to hypnotherapy, I can proudly say my smoking habit has gone. I started smoking as a teenager, because it was considered "cool." That's reportedly how 37 million other Americans started. Later in life, I smoked because it relieved stress and made me feel better. Now smoking is very "un-cool" and, in fact, my hometown has banned lighting up in all public places and restaurants, too. The statistics are amazing. There are 46 million smokers in the United States. Of those, 70% say they want to quit. This year, 440,000 Americans will die from smoking-related illnesses; 160,000 specifically from lung cancer.
With the pressure on, not to mention my family's constant nagging, I decided to explore hypnotherapy. I knew I needed a complete mental makeover to rid myself of this nasty habit. The cost of online, self-help CDs and DVDs range from $5.00 (used) to upwards of $1,250.00 for a "guaranteed" package.
I found the hypnotherapy related to smoking cessation was pretty much the same, no matter which company I chose. Before starting the actual hypnotherapy techniques, I learned about tobacco and the tobacco industry, as well as the physiology and mental stimuli of addiction. The meat of the coursework included exploring the real reason(s) people light up; finding alternatives to smoking; resetting your mind and thought control; overcoming the fear of cigarette dependency; and joining the smoke free population.
I must say I'm quite proud of myself. If I could, I'd pat myself on the back. Thirty-three years a smoker; two years smoke free. My smoking habit has gone, because I was able to alter my thought processes through hypnotherapy.
Moreover, cognitive therapy uses the methodology of thought process. What you think is what transpires. If you think negatively then unconstructive and depressing thoughts ensue. The trick employed is to write in a daily journal or diary and see how your thoughts affect your actions. By changing your thoughts and dogmas, it is believed to modify the emotional depression.
Whatever methods are undertaken, seeking professional help in the treatment of emotional depression is vital for resolution.
In this article, I do not assert or assign any medical advice and professional help is always recommended.

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