Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Misery may be a state of mind which may be modified. Sensible and Evil, happiness and misery, pain and health all have their origin among man's consciousness. We have a tendency to learn to rise higher than the philosophy illusion of separation we see associate degrees apprehend from the next perspective the reality propounded by the traditional Rishis of Republic of India that every one life is actually One which everything we see and feel is however an extension of oneself!

Though material life is an associate degree illusion, it's a relative existence that we tend to cannot deny, even as dreams square measure real to the dreamer, this is that this waking state a dream of life.

Meditate and realize the good Cosmic Dreamer of that we tend to square measure a section. Don't hesitate the negatives of life an excessive amount of - for by lodging upon them you are not permitted yourself to Succeed.

Situations in life don't build an individual however reveal them! Earth may be a basic schoolroom during which we tend to square measure gaining bound experiences.

We tend to square measure here to be told the way to manage our each thought and actions into aspiration for God Alone.Treat all life as aspects of God upon totally different levels of expertise and evaluation and work with it - excellent it - and become a Master of your life experiences instead of a slave to the karmic wheel.
Be free from all kinds of views and ideas. There are various views and ideas are running with life and getting freedom from all kinds of issues. Be happy and positive in all life.

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