Mind Mapping

Dr. Purushothaman
August 2, 2014

Mind Maps Make It For You to Learn

What I want to talk about here is one exceptional tool that allows you to learn better and faster, and in such a way that you do not get bored or lazy while. This very same tool can be used for several other things. You can use it for learning, as I will explain, but you can use it for solving problems, brainstorming, schedule maintenance and so on. This marvelous tool is called: "Mind Map".

What is a Mind Map?
Take a look of what it looks like at this Mind Map sample [http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p208/lgbpinho/04-04-07_2229.jpg]. Among several other things, Mind Maps is a method of note taking, you use it to keep the key ideas or the key-words about a subject as well as the connection between those ideas or words.

How to make one?
You will need colored pencils or different colors pens. Here is what you must consider when making a Mind Map, follow them and consult the sample Mind Map for reference:

Start by drawing a picture in the center of the space you are using, it may or may not have something to do with the subject.

The words will be sitting on lines (not straight lines) that are connected to the central image. Use curved lines, as straight lines may appear "strict, hard, immutable", in your brain's concept. Remember to color each branch of your Mind Map in a different color.

Words that are connected to other words must be in the same branch. For example: if you taking notes about plants, there would be a branch with the idea of photosynthesis, and it would be divided in sub-branches like glucose, water, sun, etc.

Keep the lines thicker at the beginning of an idea, and thinner as the branch divides.

Whenever you can use an image instead of a word, do it. Images have more shape and color. Also give emphasis to the words you want, write than in bigger case, bold, circle them, do as you wish.

Use boxes, clouds, circles and whatever you want to put additional information. Also use arrows, lines, dotted lines, and whatever you want to create links between words from different branches.

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to make a Mind Map, develop your own style.

Why is it better?
Your brain is able to process information about words meaning, color, shape, rhythm, space distribution, and lots more. Mind Maps assure your brain is using more of its capability by introducing color, shape and image association to your notes. That increases the level that you absorb what you are studying. Our traditional way to take notes fails in activating the whole cortex, since we usually write in only one color and in that straight shape, that makes us tired and mistreat our brain, which will at some point be turned off and willing to sleep!

This is it, I use this tool a lot, and I have learnt at nice levels for these last years. I will cover more about Mind Maps and about its others uses (including how to use it for learning languages!) as well as a little information about the Mind Map itself. Keep in touch, and that's all for today. See you next time.
About the Author

Gustavo lives in Brazil, he is an Actuarial Science student, focused on time series analysis. Also has a great curiosity about languages. He has a go for learning things, which sometimes can be quite random. You can find his lessons on basic Statistics at his website http://www.luisgustavo.ws as well as some articles about learning, which include the use of Mind Maps and Law of Attraction for Acknowledgment.

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