Meditation - The Road To Corporate Success

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


If you are running an organization, you want your employees to be agile, productive, happy and rake in the profits. But all can you see is a list piling up of sick leaves and medical claims from your work force. The reason is the increased stress that is causing their productivity to plummet and leading to your own stress sky-rocketing. It is time for you to turn your employees to meditation, a sure way of beating that stress.
Here are a few statistics to help you understand how much financial loss these stress related leaves cause. The British governments Health and Safety Commission has declared that in England, work-related stress is the leading cause of working days lost through injury or ill health. For each employee, an average of 29 days is lost every year. Further calculations show that this equates to an estimated four billion pounds sterling per year. The American Institute of Stress has estimated that in the United States, $300 billion (or $7,500 per employee) is spent every year on stress-related compensation claims, reduced productivity, absenteeism, health insurance costs and direct medical expenses!
The loss is huge, and you need to stop it now. The tried and trusted way out is through meditation. Meditating can be really beneficial for your employees. It will lead to better stress management, better health management and eventually, better productivity. Meditation affects brain activity, in the limbic nervous system. This in turn controls metabolism, blood pressure, respiration and heart rate. The result - a calmer and healthier person emerges after a meditation session.
Corporates all over the world realize the importance of meditation. Most employees do complex multitasking, making them prey to anxiety and hampering clear thinking. With meditation, they can calm their nervousness, focus their attention and be more productive. What does a happy, healthy and stress-free employee mean for a corporate? Well here is the impressive list:
Reduced costs of staff absenteeism due to stress, long term illness, or injury.
Better productivity and functionality. Employees have better concentration, learning ability and creativity.
With happy employees, there is a possibility of enhanced employer/employee and client relationships.
Reduced staff turnover and associated costs
Reduced corporate health insurance premiums.
Higher employee satisfaction
The corporate comes across as successful and employee friendly in the business arena.
It is thus pretty clear that both executives and employees gain comprehensive benefits from meditation. Meditation and spiritual management have gained new importance for organizations, and an increasing number of managers are willing to explore its benefits for their business. You should also be open to the implementation of meditation at work, and within a short time you will see how it improves the whole work environment.
However, as a business owner, you must choose a meditation guru who will guide your employees in the best way. The employees must be comfortable with the motivational speaker, who will make them understand why they are taking this class and how will they benefit. Moreover, an expert meditation guru will also show them the ropes of a variety of meditation techniques such as following the breath, gazing at the ocean, guided meditations, etc. Furthermore, with time being the biggest obstacle to practicing regular or longer meditation, the option of mini-meditations, in which one can calm ones thoughts and manage stress levels during a short coffee break session, should also be explored,
Save absenteeism costs and increase your employees' productivity, and get a healthier work environment right now. Be sure to find somebody who is an expert in meditation and is a spiritual management guru Meditation can be extremely beneficial and even life changing in certain cases. Adopt it now!
About the Author
The writer is a meditation consultant with the team of Dr. Robert Puff, who is a leader among motivational speakers. Dr. Puff is a clinical psychologist, author and mental health expert dedicated to holistic healing.

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