Meditation Techniques - It Really Work!

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


No matter what form of meditation you follow, the basic shared principle is to quieten your thoughts and mind. We can sit in a chair for many hours, but, if thoughts continually pass through our mind then our meditation will probably be ineffective. Ultimately the aim is to have a mind free of thoughts. It's in this inner silence that we can expertise a consciousness of real peace.
At initial glance, individuals might discover the idea of stopping thoughts very challenging. In the event you attempt sitting silent for a while, you'll most likely be inundated with thoughts. When giving meditation classes, the difficulty of controlling the thoughts is really a common expertise. Nevertheless, in the event you sincerely attempt, you can learn to reduce the power of thoughts over yourself.
It is hard to control our thoughts through the power of the mind. To achieve inner silence it's advisable to choose something to focus our attention on. This may be the use of a simple mantra; it may be concentrating on a candle or flower. Personally, I concentrate on the 'heart center'. Try listening to your heart beat and feel your awareness leaving the mind and entering the heart. In the event you can consciously leave the mind, it becomes much simpler to decrease the power of thoughts.
When you start meditating, you'll notice how unruly the mind is. I remember being very shocked by this! I noticed that my mind was all over the location. Profound thoughts about my past or future jostled with mundane thought clips about what groceries I needed to buy. Some time afterwards I would come too and notice that I had spend 15 minutes running a painful memory over and over. It was like sitting in a crazy cinema!
Study into the benefits of mindfulness appears to support its claims. Individuals prone to depression, say, are less likely to have depressive episodes if they practice meditation. Stress goes down. But it's more like going on a journey than taking a pill. Although meditation techniques can be learned quickly, it is no instant remedy and demands discipline. That said, many who attend lessons or go on retreats find immediate advantages - which isn't so surprising, given that in a world of no stillness, even just a little calm goes a lengthy way.
Part of the appeal of mindfulness is that it does not come loaded with theological assumptions. You are able to do it with out becoming a Buddhist, though Buddhist assumptions do underpin it. The most obvious will be the idea of dukkha - which could be translated as suffering, dissatisfaction or discontent. It is meant in a very broad sense, everything from deep psychological wounding to the faintest perturbations that trouble every day life.
Meditation is an incredible tool. You can discover to be more relaxed, promote healing, gain deeper self-awareness, release main personal blocks, and connect with higher spiritual dimensions. Meditation is really a really remarkable procedure.
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