Meditation Is the Best Medicine for Stress Relief

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014

Meditation is the only way to free your mind of the clutter of day-to-day thoughts and worries. However, it would be wrong to consider it suitable only for those having stress and anxiety. It also helps the children to improve their concentration and assists them in focusing on their studies better. But the sessions have to be regular. Any gap in them and no lasting benefit can be gained from them.

The basics of meditation are simple- clear your mind of all the thoughts so that it listens to your commands. But it is not as simple as it sounds. The beginners might find it especially difficult as the art of calming the mind comes only with practice. However, the following tips might help you in the task by making it a bit easier.

Find a quiet place to sit. It could be in your room your even outside the house if you feel that you can sit there for 15 minutes without being disturbed.

Start with a small span of time, say 10 to 15 minutes. You can increase it as you go. As you practice daily you will gain mental and physical self discipline.

Even though the most famous posture is the lotus posture, it is not an easy one to imitate and needs a lot of practice for the novice. As long as you are comfortable any of the positions is good. You can sit anywhere as long as you are comfortable, but not too comfortable as you might fall asleep otherwise.

Make sure that you allow a gap of an hour or two after a full meal before you start meditating. This will ensure that you are not too occupied with hunger.

Once you have settled down comfortably close your eyes and try to focus. This is the hard part and might take a long time before you learn the art of focusing without much interruption.

Take deep breaths and do not force yourself to inhale or exhale for any specific length of time. Consider it as a normal process and go with the rhythm.

These tips are going to make meditation for beginners easier. One thing that everyone must keep in mind is that the masters were beginners one day and they learnt the art through perseverance and practice. This knowledge will help you if your initial sessions are short. So, even if you are distracted every other minute, do not fret, for the patient will be rewarded.
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The contribution has been made by Rachael Jones who writes on behalf of The Meditation Mind. Here, she points out six tips to make meditation for beginners easier.

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