Meditation How to Start - Tips and Techniques

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


Meditation is all about training your mind to concentrate and focus on your inner self. It is about sitting in a corner, at peace, closing your eyes and breathing in the correct fashion so as to make sure your mind is at peace and rest! Well, it is not an easy task for most of us, especially if you are a beginner and a new person to the whole phenomenon. Your mind will tend to wander around and you might even feel bored. But it is said that perseverance and patience will eventually pay off and you will get the "hang" of it.
Well, here are some tips and techniques for Meditation:
Choose a proper place. It may not be the brightest idea to start the session in a crowded or a public place. You have to make sure it is a peaceful and quiet one where you can focus and try to concentrate! Usually, a corner in a personal room where you can keep the world shut away is the best place
Another thing is persistence. You will not start "meditating" or reaping its benefits immediately. Have patience and be at it for some time - you will surely benefit and it will ultimately prove to be an advantageous thing for you
Another technique to help you meditate is to create a nice and warm atmosphere. A cold and uninviting room is a bad idea. How about putting some candles and cranking up the room temperature so that it is comfortable and full of positive vibes. This positivity in the air will help you calm your frayed nerves and will help you to sit down, focus and start training your mind to concentrate
After creating the perfect space, now take a look at your posture. Make sure you are sitting down firmly on the ground, on a mat and make sure you are sitting in an upright, straight position!
Another great technique and a must for meditation is to concentrate on your breathing! Breathing is an integral past and an integral technique of meditation. Make sure you are breathing correctly, from your nose and try to inhale maximum oxygen and also exhale it put completely. This will make you fall into a rhythm which is great for meditation. This will eventually help with blood circulation, nervous system, blood pressure and digestive system!
Lastly, the question is, what to do with your wandering mind? No one, at least in the beginning, can just sit and start meditating. Your thoughts will run awry and your mind will be all over the place. Body Scan is a unique technique which helps beginners learn to focus and concentrate. This means that keep your eyes closed but start from your head. Imagine your head and slowly start scanning body parts - head, eyes, nose, cheeks, ears, neck, abdomen and go all the way till your toes. This will bring back your focus and regulate your thoughts and also your breathing
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