Meditation and Happiness: A Perfect Combination

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014

Why meditate? This is a common question people on the outside looking in will ask when they examine a meditation session. From the outside, it looks rather boring. Looks can be inaccurate representations of what is truly occurring. There is much benefit derived from meditation process which is why the practice is such an important one to take part in. Among the most vital of all benefits would be the relaxed and calm state of mind that is developed. Such a state of mind is extremely helpful to those seeking inner peace because it is the pathway to true happiness. Yes, meditation and happiness go hand in hand. The relationship between meditation and happiness is not one that should be difficult to understand. The two go together quite well because one begets the other. This may seem like an obtuse notion on the surface but it really should not be. Let's return to out initial question of "Why meditate?" One common reason people like to meditate is because it can calm the mind. The human mind is often home to a lot of chaos and noise. This can undermine our ability to concentrate or even have lucid thoughts. Physical manifestations of a chaotic mind are usually not helpful to those seeking peace and tranquility. Meditation can help calm a distracted and "noisy" mind. Doing so help remove a great deal of the problems one can suffer from when the mind is the source of stress and distraction. To say removing such problems from the equation would enhance a person's levels of happiness would be an understatement. A complete change of personality could occur as the mind becomes calmer and less of a source of confusion. Meditation also can help uncover and defeat the negative components within the subconscious mind. This would certainly provide a boost to one's ability to improve happiness. Life is a collective of experiences and these experiences leave impressions on the human mind. In some instances, these impressions are not positive ones and they can cause depression and other limiting states of mind. Mediation can get to the root of such subconscious issues and reverse the negativity they cause. Once you uncover what is in the subconscious mind, you can free yourself of its hold. That will put you on the pathway to a happier life with the right effort. Therefore, the concept of right effort and how it ties into meditation and happiness is worth exploring a little closer. In order to make meditation work for you in the most effective manner possible, you will need to be consistent and diligent with your meditation sessions. Those that are inconsistent or do not put the proper effort into the process will discover meditation and happiness are a fusion that proves elusive. Half hearted approaches almost always lead to half hearted results. Meditation and happiness work in concert with one another. Those willing to put the proper time into the practice of meditation will discover the unlimited potential that can be gained. Such gains include the improvement of the peace and tranquility of the mind. So, why meditate? It can improve your life for the better.


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