Meditation and Habits - Break Your Habits

Dr. Purushothaman
January 10, 2014

Habits are one of the hardest things to break. They are things that you do automatically, without thought and in many cases for reasons long forgotten. Some habits are good and have a benefit, others are ones you want to change or that are considered to be bad habits. It can be difficult however, to break these habits. Meditation can help you to overcome negative and undesired habitual behaviors. The mind is a powerful thing. It can convince the body that it is sick and can direct the body to respond depending on the situation. An example of this is the flight or fight response. While some of these responses are necessary, it is important to change the negative responses and habits when making positive changes in your life. Meditation is a great place to start. Often times you can change a bad habit simply by locating the triggering issue. This is where meditation comes in. Meditation involves reaching a state of relaxation and a state where the mind has no thoughts. In essence, it is a type of suspended animation. Everything automatic works but slows to a more relaxed pace. Those things that are conscious however for a short period of time stop. This is the state that is necessary in order to be able to visualize or create a new habit. Habits are activities that have become so ingrained that you do them without thought. However, the reverse is also possible. You can use thoughts to create habits. In the calm state that meditation creates, you can form thoughts to provide you with new habits and behaviors. In this calm state, the mind is more receptive. This makes it easier to alter the thoughts that make up habits and have new thoughts accepted. It is this receptivity that makes meditation a great way to get rid of old habits and form ones that are more positive. Guided meditation is one way to make this process easier. In guided meditation, you can use the process of visualization to help to create a situation where your mind is receptive to new thoughts without having to have the experience necessary to obtain the calm and stable state that more experienced and advanced meditation users are capable of using. This is a perfect solution for individuals who might not have the time or the inclination to add meditation to their daily lives but are looking for a way gain some of the powerful benefits that meditation had to offer. Meditation offers numerous benefits the ability to transform, create and eliminate habits is just some of the benefits that can be had from taking the time to add meditation to your life. Whether you are looking to make only a single change or you are looking to change your entire life the power meditation can provide you with everything you need to accomplish your goals and make the most of the power of your mind to make the changes you want.

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