Living Healthy-Healthy Mind! Healthy Soul!

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

Are you really aware of the factors that help you to live a healthy life? Do you know the ingredients required to have one? Lets us discuss some of the "must have" factors to improve the quality of our lives. But before that we need to know the exact definition of a healthy life. When a person is happy, satisfied, content, clear, positive and medically fit, he lives a healthy life. Are you one of them? The answer lies within you. If the answer is "yes" then no one can stop you from leading a healthy life. If the answer is "no", then you need to find a solution. The solution lies within you. Follow the following steps and feel the difference in your life.
1. List down all the reasons that make you unhappy. It can be related to your personal relationships with parents, wife, kids or friends food, financial problems, work area, looks etc. Pen down the exact reasons related to the above-mentioned subjects.
2. Now you are the boss, jot down all the possible solutions/options or actions necessary to overcome these problems. For example the best way to make the relationships work is to talk about the problems to each other.
3. Once you have the options ready in front of you, relax and think slowly and clearly about each option and then select the right one.
4. Now comes the "IF" - a powerful two-letter word that can change every scenario. You need to think that IF your selected option does not work then what would be your final action plan. Do not go on trying different options as that would make your life more confusing rather it make it a maze wherein you will get trapped within your thought and solutions. So you need to think very carefully about pros and cons of every action, and only then select the right solution.
5. Once you have the "IF" action plan ready, go through the entire plan again.
6. Now you reach to the end point of every problem. Make sure that the final end product or the way you put an end to the problem should leave you feeling happy!! For example if you have a problem in your relationship, then talk it out. "IF" it does not workout at all then you put an end to the relationship forever. But this is where you need to be careful.' It's the way you end the relationship'. You can shout but it will leave you angry and frustrated. You can cry and fight but it will bring you sorrow and sadness. You can walk off silently but it will make you fell as if you have left something unfinished or half done. This feeling will be there forever so put an end to it, as you might not get a second chance. So what you do is tell the person, "We both tried but as things did not turn out well lets not come in the way of each other and lets cherish the good memories we have till date and part off rather than overlapping those beautiful moments with distress and hatred." Try to talk about one of the good moments you spent in the past, have a good laugh and bid farewell to each other forever. Now when you leave, you will have smile on your face, you will feel lighter and happier. You will feel content, satisfied.
7. Mind is the control room of our body. Keep it clean and light. You will be free of medical problems too if you are not tensed or stressed out.
8. Our mind is just like a computer. We need to delete the garbage so that we can create space for new stuff helpful to us. All the factors mentioned above are interrelated as you can see from the above example. The key to healthy living is to find a solution that would leave you contented and the rest will follow.

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