Live Better With Controlling Your Emotions.

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014


Life is full of surprises, brings us a lot of emotions. It is very important to control emotions and there is one more reason why we should follow this simple rule. Sometimes emotions are positive and very seldom we need to control them - we love and we should follow positive emotions. But how to deal with negative ones? Your education, raising, culture, habits or even genes thought you to be composed. And this is great. Though there are many people who think that blowing off the steam is the right way out.
Lets just analyze if it is really useful and if it saves the situation to throw out the stress and negative emotions. The good way to analyze will be to look on the results of such blowing off steam. It is obvious that such person still has the strong feeling of guiltiness and stress. As result - problem is not solved, feelings are bad.
Big family quarrels with breaking the dishes, mutual abuses and offends will never lead to stress release and better relations. Peace that arrives after the quarrels does not guarantee that relations will be good in the future. It is possible that one side said something to regret in the future, another side will stay insulted deep inside.
In the same time, probably it will be wise NOT to keep the negative emotions of offence, anger, irritation inside of you: when you collect negative emotions inside of you, you will never when the steam tank has a leak. It means something you cannot control appears inside of you. Needless to say that it is not what we all expect or want.
What is the way out? From one side, blowing off the steam is not the way out, and from other side - keeping negative emotions inside is not good at all too. I propose the next way out - everything that happens inside of our body is bio-chemical processes. Either you jump or sleep or think - everything is about biology, chemistry and physics. Having negative emotions is also bio-chemical process, so why not to change one side of the process into another - do some physical training, action, movements. Drop something, kick something, throw away, shout, take your stuff and go to gym or jogging in the park. Do it quickly and for the short period of time. This is how I see way out. Try it and who knows maybe it works for you.
But the main and the biggest advice for you to work on controlling your emotions, keeping peace inside of you, raising and collecting positive emotions every day, life full life. Remember that the biggest source of your positive emotions is bringing and giving the reasons of positive emotions to other people.
Just remember the time and your most positive sincere emotions you felt - seeing your parents when they were proud of you, seeing your mother when she gets a gift from you, seeing your girlfriend or boyfriend getting cute gift or flowers you for special or for no reason at all, etc. Start collecting them today and work on yourself every minute and it is the guarantee of happy life for many years.

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