Live a Healthy Life - Emulate a Tree

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2014


Today there is a lot of talk of green ways of doing things, both for business and individuals alike. Whether it is to save the planet or for competitive advantage, the environment is front stage for most of us in some way or another. Trees are a big part of the mix, an essential element of the environment most would agree, but they also can serve as shining examples of how we can live healthier lives as well.
For example, healthy trees have healthy roots to provide nourishment and stability, the part of the plant we don't see. This can be compared to our own foundation spiritually, what you can't see from the outside but still critical to our stability and health.
Tree bark provides protection against the elements, this we can learn from, as having a thick skin can be useful to our overall health and wellness also. Not being easily swayed by the words or actions of others, but moving forward to achieving our goals.
Leaves show the outside world the state of the health and wellness of the tree, just as we do with our appearance.
Habitat for other creatures of course is something a lot of trees provide, representing being part of the whole, giving back to the community.
Trees grow higher (most do) with age, something we should strive for is to reach ever higher to become all that we can.
Trees provide seeds for new growth, here again, this is something we can learn from, both for ourselves and for others and our children. Much of what we do today to help others succeed and get started can bring benefits to ourselves and others in the future.
The next time you look at a tree remember that we have more in common than it may first appear.
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