Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

The way a person lives can be termed as the word Lifestyle. It actually reflects the attitude of a person, his/her views on the world and all that is related to the person. It actually resembles the true self. Lifestyle also reflects the ideas and way of life in a society as a whole. Lifestyle is a pattern of life which is expressed in every activity of a person. It is a blend of motivations and requirements which is influenced by certain factors like family, culture, and society.
The health of a person depends on the lifestyle of that person. The word HEALTH can mean both mental as well as physical ones. The many lifestyle factors can definitely affect the social success of a person. Lifestyle has a great impact on the new ways you are to experience in your journey towards success.

How does Lifestyle create problems?

Since lifestyle is the one factor which rules the life of a person, it is definitely the influential part of that person’s life. It is interesting to note that lifestyle tends to affect person in many different ways.


Today, lifestyle has affected the way one chooses his food. In the fast and quick world, one finds it difficult to cook food and eat peacefully. Usually food today is taken ‘on the go’. Breakfast is something which keeps a person energetic throughout the day. But when this is limited or not taken at all, health is affected in a very bad manner.
There is a practice of buying food from a fast food shop, which has affected health as a whole. Eating without knowing the ingredients can be harmful for any individual. Many of the fast food centers do not care for hygiene or quality items. What we have at home, the food which we cook is hundred times hygienic and healthy too. This is the reason why we are advised to take in food which is cooked at homes, rather than bought from a restaurant.
Food is one factor which affects a person’s health. Going with the fast world by ignoring the need for consuming the right kind of food can lead to several chronic diseases. Take in food that is perfect for the health and rushing for the fast on the go foods must be avoided.

Work load and pressure

To live a better and secure life, it is necessary to have a good job. Work is also a part of lifestyle, as it affects a person the most. Work is always close to a person as he/she spends the majority of time in office or similar job activities. As these are the days of competitions, everybody tends to move on in a fast pace. Completing a task within a time limit is the present fashion of work. Everybody has to cope up things to meet the deadline. Deadline is the one word which often shakes a person and makes him to do a job like a supersonic jet. Such deadlines often make us forget to enjoy the little joys of life. Deadlines make us live in pressure and we tend to become mobile ‘pressure cookers’.
The best way to avoid pressure is to improvise on your skills. If you want yourself to become a good writer, then make your free time useful with reading and writing activities. Skills for software can be improved by joining the related classes, even though you know what to do. Leisure time can be made ‘pressure free’ by moving out with family for a picnic or a tour, or engrossing oneself in hobbies that make you relaxed and energetic for the next day. It is necessary for you to take occasional breaks even when you are at work. Move around and have a chat with your colleagues…that can relax you a bit.


If you do not smoke, then never ever plan of smoking and if you do love smoking, quit it as early as possible. The present day lifestyle has made most people addicts to smoking. People start smoking just for fun. But later on, this can stay as a bad habit and can ruin the health of the smoker as well as his/her family members. Smoking for style can later act as a deadly weapon which can ruin your health. So avoid smoking and avoid the company of smokers.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption can be dangerous to health too. As these are the days of corporate meetings and frequent get-togethers, most people find alcohol consumption a necessary factor in life. Once in a while alcohol consumption can later on lead to the addictions which can ruin health, wealth and good relationships. Better not touch it for your good as well as the good of your near and dear ones.

Lack of exercise

Fast pace life has made the majority of people to move according to the flow. Many forget the importance of exercise in life. A minimum one hour exercise is necessary for you to stay fit and stable. Exercising can help in being energetic for the rest of the day and to be active in mind and body. Jogging or walking can be tried out for your regular exercise. Staying fit and strong is necessary for having a perfect fit body.
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