Life Is Good

Dr. Purushothaman
August 31, 2013

Life is good, Inc is a New England-launched accessories and outfits retailer, wholesaler and life-style brand founded in the year of 1994 and best recognized for its positive and cheerful tee shirts and caps. Scores of which have beamish drawings identified as Jake and the three-word displayed brand name "Life is good." They have boomed their product lines from t-shirts and hats in the early days to a complete and varied line of clothes for male, female, and kids, over and above a mounting amount of accessaries. They approximately propose over 900 diverse items in 14 categories. All these items are sold on-line through the company's website, all around 4,500 retail stores in all 50 states in the United States of America, in 30 countries & increasing globally.

Besides its clothing line, Life is good now have picture frames, dog products, drink containers, furniture, beach toys, car accessories and carry bags. In the season of spring & summer of the year 2008, they rolled out three new lines:

1. Good Karma- a 100% nonsynthetic cotton label.
2. Good Move- athletic-inspired and performance-oriented warm up & exercise gear.
3. Good Kids- a new label for boys, girls, toddlers and babies.

Jake, the company's beamish image, is constantly projected to convey hope and an gratitude towards life's simple enjoyments, for example playing a guitar, enjoying a sunset, eating an ice cream cone, or simply relaxing with a glass of lemonade, walking, summing, cycling and many more outdoor activities. Life is Good Clothing and accessories has vibrant messages and comfy outfits which gibes men, women and kids. Colorful and soothing attires are just enough approach to reflect your life style. The elementary content that life is good is exhibited on each t-shirt. The positive & cheerful content has been encompassed by individuals across the nation.

The catchphrase a Life is good written on the outfits, links the eminence of joy with fashion to design attires for all generations to exhibit more hopeful side of the life. The Life is good clothing is a groovy way to widen the optimistic aura to those who may need it most, those who are stuck in their complicated life. At the moment, a far more prominent amount of artwork and items do not comprise Jake or his frequent fellow Rocket. Nevertheless, these artwork and items constantly encourage an affirmative outlook and hale and hearty messages through simple and easy designs and words of humor and wiseness.

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