Life Events

Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Life is full of happy as well as sad events. But unfortunately stressful situations are what most people face today. Tragedies in life always bring shock and stress to the mind. Handling stress and shock of daily events is not an easy task. Unexpected traumas and incidents in life can be faced by any person at any time, since nothing is under the control of humans.

As the world is not full of good people, so are the incidents in life. Life is a blend of happiness and sorrows, planned incidents and unexpected incidents. Out of them most men are skilled in handling happy as well as pre-planned situations. They falter when they face the traumatic situations or the sad ones.
Humans have the quality of expecting good from everything.

They want happiness, joy and peace all the time. But is this possible? To an extent “Yes”, but to another extent “No” would be the answer. Life is not a piece of cake that is always sweet and delicious. We tend to face unexpected situations which we have never planned or never ever even wanted to think of.

Seeing a husband with another woman can be a shock to a wife or vice versa. Such situations when handled in a very unwise manner can break up relationships and create a lot of problems in the family. But here we are talking about breaking the mental stability of mind. Such situations can create great shock to the mind that it can go to an extent of losing the mental balance of the mind.

Similarly, it is not easy for a person to face unexpected events in life. Reacting to an unexpected job loss, a sudden death of near and dear ones or hearing the news of a dear one’s serious illness can all cause the mind of even a stable person go wild. Problems like financial crisis can torture a person in many ways. Thinking of all possible ways to get out of a financial crisis is not an easy task. Stress and tension out of a financial burden can pressurize a person very much. Another traumatic situation is to become a victim of a crime.

Such tragic events in life cannot be handled with ease, unless you tend to prepare your mind for such imbalances in advance. This does not mean that one must anticipate such tragedies in life. A person can train his mind to be calm while in such unexpected life events. Training one’s mind can be done in many different ways. One can meditate and get control of the feelings and emotions going inside the mind or one can submit the self to the Almighty. Regular prayer and strong belief can instill a sense of confidence in the person. Submitting oneself to the Almighty can help a lot in regaining the balance and strength of mind.

Most people shatter during such situations. Joining together the broken pieces is more difficult than taking care beforehand to prevent the mind from being shattered. Train the mind to be strong and bold. Act in a bold manner rather than being submissive to others. Take your own decisions and think well before taking a decision. The life is yours and it has to be under your control.

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