Learn To Lead A Happy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

It is a tragedy with us that none here tries to give us instructions on art of living. We are just living and if we know the art of living, we can lead a happy life. We must be having proper education with us, we must be having proper training and then first of all we must try to adjust at a proper work from where we can bring adequate money with which we should be in a position to run our family administration These are the first requirements in life and once we attain these three basics, there are chances that we shall be living a happy life.

We must have proper income and at the same time , it is our duty to save something for the old days and for the rainy days in our life. We may take loans, but we must be in a position to return those amounts with interest and if these amount continue to stand against us, those shall be creating more and more burden in shape of interest and penal rate of interest because all these financial institutions do not like the person who is not returning the amounts on due dates. We must see that our children are also given proper education and training and we must make it sure that they are adjusted at work and even we must ensure that our daughters are also adjusted at work and are earning hands when they are married because earning hands live a normal life, otherwise the people in the house of in laws are demanding more and more in shape od dowry or remaining dowry.

We must see that we do not attract litigations and diseases because once these two items come in the family, the whole peace of mind is disturbed.

Try to make friends and you must ensure that there is no enemy and similarly, you should become a good clerk so that you could maintain good accounts and separate files so that all works are done in time and there remains nothing pending. All usual bills must be cleared in time and all returns be filed within thje time prescribed and you should maintain true accounts and there should not be anything misleading. If we try to keep our life clean, we shall live a happy life and happy life must be our first aim in life.


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