Leading A Balanced Life

Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

Balancing both your life and work is what is meant by a balanced life. Living your life is as important as your work. If work is given more preference, then life will definitely turn to be more boring. Or you can say your work ruined your life
A balanced life is very important for every human being.In a balanced life, nothing can be considered less important. If you choose a job you love, then there is no working at all. You live your work. You enjoy it.

Balanced life includes doing ALL the jobs. It may contain the ones you love as well as the ones you hate. If you do only what you love to do, then you will end up piling the ones you hate. For a successful life, you are supposed to do every work with the same spirit.

Never give importance to your work alone.

Family should be given the first preference. Spending time with family relaxes you.

Spend time for the little joys of life. It might be playing a board game with your child or a friendly talk with your subordinate.

Understand the fact that every area in life is important.

Never neglect your health for your work.

It is not true that each area of your life like family, work, friends, health and hobbies are not interconnected. If you have good family life and if you are involved in making your free time useful, then you can see an improvement in your mental health, which in turn helps you work better. If your friend circle is better, then you can even have a better carrier option, due to your connectivity. Thus all areas of life are equally important. Each area should be focused for a better life.

A good control of your life is very essential, in order to avoid the stress factor. Giving importance to only one area in life will only lead us to think of the fact that we have lost control of our life.

Often, we try to avoid small joys of life. Try to enjoy even a small happy experience. Enjoy each and every moment in life.

Enjoying recreation and pursuing our hobbies is not a taboo, but a necessity.

If you need to be productive, then you need to have a balanced life.

Businesses who are successful, gives importance to their work, their clients, their employees, and their quality. If importance and care can be given to each and every area of your work, then why not give attention to yourself?

As you invest your money in the demanding business, in life, you can invest time with the people who love and care you the most.

Pamper yourself with occasional treats like going to your favorite restaurant and spending time with family.

Never allow unwanted people in your life. People who do not have a creative mind, or who does not appreciate creativity,  or those who are negative must be avoided.

Create a good routine for yourself and try to stick on to it.

Give importance to your health.

A regular time for exercise, meditation or yoga can be planned.

If stress drains you out, try listening to music.

Read articles and books which give you more information and tips on balancing your life and how to decrease stress.

When you are with your friends, be with them and not with your cell phone.

Allot time for each work. Time table helps.

Behave gently towards others and yourself. Treat others with gentleness and kindness. Be in harmony with your co-humans.

A good relationship with the Almighty will help you to develop yourself.

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