Lead a Healthy Life by Losing Fat Fast

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2014


In your life, on many occasions, you are forced to decide if you are pro-good things or pro-bad things. One such thing is if you are pro-good health or pro-bad health. If you opt for the former, you should take care not to gain fat, but if you have already gained in fat, you should reduce it to prove that you are pro-good health.
You should not cut down drastically on your intake of food to lose fat fast. This type of dieting will harm you because your body will not get the required energy and calories for your day's activities. The main problem is you will be over-eating during your next meal. Of course, you should not eat belly-full if you are interested in losing fat. Experts suggest that food should occupy only 70% of your stomach space and the remaining space should be left for gas and water.
It is better if you split your three large meals into six or seven smaller meals and eat them at frequent intervals of every two hours. By doing so, your daily quota of energy and calories does not get reduced, but you will not increase your fat. This type of eating will improve your metabolism and hence the calories of these smaller meals will be burned completely. But if you stick to the present pattern of eating three large meals, you will not be able to burn the calories of these large meals completely. Unburned calories of these large meals will get stored as fat in your body.
In the same manner, you should never skip your breakfast. Your body should get the maximum of energy and calories from your breakfast and hence skipping your breakfast will deprive your body of this essential energy. This step may also result in less-than-optimum output in whatever you undertake during the day. Another problem is if you skip your breakfast, you will tend to overeat during your lunch and this will increase your fat.
You should drink lots of water daily to lose fat fast. Water is highly beneficial to your body. It removes toxins from your body and hence losing fat become easy. It is a known fact that toxins play a major role in fat gains because they occupy the fat cells of your body.
Water also hydrates your body very well and so the body is protected from many infections. By drinking plenty of water, you will feel full soon, and hence you will not overeat your regular meal. This will help you in your efforts to lose fat fast.
Experts suggest that you should have a good night's sleep to lose fat fast because a good night's sleep improves your metabolism. Your body also makes a lot of adjustments to your hormones during your night's sleep. If you do not have such a good sleep during nights, this process gets affected and hence losing fat is also affected. Further, if you lose sleep during nights, you will tend to overeat the next day because psychologically that by overeating, you will erase the ill-effects of the previous day's sleeplessness.
Likewise, stress and anxiety will also cause over-eating. Psychologically, you will mentally feel that you are strong and can face your situation if your stomach is full. Because of this over-eating, your efforts to lose fat fast will get decelerated. Hence you should learn to manage your stress levels. You can opt for yoga, meditation or deep breathing for stress management.
These steps will definitely help you to lose fat fast and lead disease-free life.
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