Know the Ultimate Purpose of Learning How to Meditate

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


The individual who has realized she needs to return home to a place of peace, love and happiness, devoid of the noise of the mind by learning the true knowledge needs to know How to Meditate []. Meditation can be synonymous with freedom - freedom of the mind from hitherto wrong learning and conditioning that have created a veil through which one sees the world. When the genuine seeker learns How to Meditate [], this haze is removed and he may now see things and situations as they really are, helping him to better cope with the vagaries and vicissitudes of life.

Meditation is a philosophy of life which is synonymous with India, having being practiced there for centuries. It may be obvious then that there would have developed several ways and schools, each teaching its own way of how to meditate. The Z Meditation center teaches how to meditate using deep deconditioning enquiry and radiant mantras which can be learnt by the committed student in a very short time.

The first step in learning how to meditate is the development of a genuine self conviction that the time has come to be free of the unnecessary baggage that has been holding one down. Once one has recognized this need, the individual will then need to attain a certain level of mental stability and discipline. This is what is sought to be taught by meditation teachers who start the beginner with postures and mantras. These are not actually the meditation in itself, but allow the student to stabilize, getting her ready for the discipline of the practice of meditation.

The goal that is sought to be achieved by learning how to meditate is the ultimate discovery of ones true self, the real essence of being, the soul. The interesting thing to note is that this true self has always been there. However, because of false beliefs, preconceived ideas and conditioning by other people and the environment, one will not be able to perceive this true, pure self.

In a comfortable sitting posture, the practitioner will seek to be in a state of high alertness, as deep contemplation cannot be achieved with a tired mind. The student should try to face himself and detach from the causes of the agitations and restlessness in his mind. These agitations and restlessness are products of the individual's attachment to certain conditioning and illusionary beliefs that they are not ready to let go off. The result of this deconditioning is to bring the student into a place of unconditioned peace, happiness and love. The teachers at the Z Meditation center will be able to put the determined seeker in a position to be able to achieve this state.

The student who has learnt how to meditate should expect to have achieved holistic health based on natural movements and as time progresses, to find healing to mental, emotional and physical aspects of himself. The ultimate purpose of learning how to meditate is to bring passion, truth and experience to the practitioner.
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