Do You Know the Signs & Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Dr. Purushothaman
February 3, 2018

Colon cancer is a cancer that initiates in the colon or rectum in the large intestine. This cancer starts with small polyps and some of these develop to be a cancerous cell. Let us first look at the causes of colon cancer:

Causes of colon cancer
The main cause of colon cancer is still unknown, but as per the researchers, there are two possible causes of the occurrence of colon cancer.

  • Precancerous Growth – some abnormal cells accumulate in the lining of the colon, which is then formed as polyps. Some of them may be benign, but some may become cancerous cells if it is left untreated.

  • Gene mutations – this is possible if a family member of the patient suffering from colon cancer has also suffered from colon cancer. This is due the gene mutation that passes from a parent to its child.

There are five stages of colon cancer. The earliest stage is the diagnosis of colon cancer when an abnormal cell found in the lining of the colon has become cancerous. The first stage is when the cancer has already spread beyond the inner walls and muscle layers of the colon. The second stage is where the cancer cells have extended to serosa. In the third stage the cancer cells have spread beyond serosa in the lymph nodes. In the last stage is has spread to various organs of the body and is really dangerous.

Symptoms of colon cancer:

The first symptom that you are having colon cancer is when you feel tired without much physical activity. This can also be termed as unexplained fatigue. A good health for life is very important, therefore staying hydrated and having adequate sleep should be practiced. Regular exercise should also be included in the daily routine. Whenever you experience fatigue, it is very essential to consult a doctor and find the root cause.

Sudden Weakness
Sudden weakness is another symptom which should be treated as soon as possible. Usually, most of us neglect it when we find our body weak. Colon cancer or any type of cancer could make the body weak. Treating for the bodily weakness helps in finding out whether we are free from any kind of diseases. Taking the right precautionary measures too can help a lot.

Pain in the abdomen
If you are having abdominal pain and it is campy, itchy and you are having irritable bowel syndrome and spastic colon along with the growth of a tumor in the colon, you need to seek medical treatment as it is another symptom of colon cancer.

Constipation is another symptom where your bowel movement is less than 3 weeks. It should be treated by drinking plenty of fluids and ask your doctor about what to eat healthy which will prevent constipation.

Diarrhea is also another indication that you are having colon cancer. It is a frequent feeling of having bowel movements. It can be treated on your own by intake of lots of fluids to replenish the loss of fluids.

Bloody stools
Stringy and bloody stools are also an indication of a person having colon cancer. Neglecting this symptom can sometimes puts our life in danger. Seeking medical help at the earliest would help in saving from reaching any kind of complications.

Depression is another symptom of colon cancer. Share your problem with other people to reduce it or else you need to seek medical help.

There are many more symptoms which indicate the colon cancer in a person. Early stage cancer can be treated by radiation and chemotherapy, surgery or targeted drug therapy.

It is suggested that you should maintain healthy living habits to stay away from such diseases.

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