Do You Know the Health Benefits of Pushups


Dr. Purushothaman
July 26, 2017

Losing your weight and getting your muscles strengthened is possible when you do Pushups on a regular basis. It is surprising to find out that pushup, when taken up as a routine workout, you will be able to reap a lot of wonderful benefits. Today, people are very busy and do not find much time to exercise. Moreover, the need for tools for most of the exercises restricts us from exercising. Pushup is one kind of exercise that does not need any kind of tool, and hence is very easy to perform anywhere.

Building up of muscles- When you perform push up on a regular basis, it helps in building up the core muscles of the body. The Muscle named Pectoralis Major, which is located in the chest, is the muscle that engages other muscles while we perform a pushup. As the position of the body is on the ground while doing a pushup, it gets a lot of benefits. This helps us to stay in a good shape. Triceps muscles, which is found on the back side of the upper arm is the one that held up our body weight at that time. For getting better results, you need to keep the hands in a moderate position and not in a wider position. Other muscles that benefit from pushups are Serratus Anterior Muscle, Deltoid muscles and Coracobrachialis Muscle.

Increases bone mass- When we get older, the bone mass declines slowly. This will ultimately lead to bone loss condition named osteoporosis. This is a condition of weakened bones, which usually leads to fractures. For avoiding this condition, doing regular exercise will help a lot. Pushups exercise helps us to gain bone mass, allowing us to stay strong and healthy even during old age.

Gives strength to the muscles in the abdomen- The positive factor of doing pushup is that it helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles. The correct form of pushups will help in giving your body the perfect posture you have been dreaming of. But when you tend to do it the wrong way, it can cause injuries to the spine.

Get yourself a six-pack- Everyone loves to have a six-pack. Six-pack is a shape of the belly that seems to look like an arrangement of squares, six in numbers. When you want to get a six-pack without spending much at the gym, you need to try out doing regular push-ups at home.

Balances the size of the body- The muscles in the shoulder, arm as well as cost benefit from pushups. These muscles become larger in size. Moreover, push up movements help in building the muscles in the upper as well as the lower body, making the body gain a balanced size.

Other benefits
Pushup results are more than what we have ever imagined. It helps in boosting up the immune system of the body, removes unnecessary fat from the body, stabilizes the muscles of the shoulder, Increases the muscle mass of triceps and biceps and helps in improving the posture of the body to a very large extent.

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