How to Know that You are going to develop Pneumonia

Dr. Purushothaman
February 24, 2018

Pneumonia is an acute disease that affects one when they get an infection due to any bacteria or virus. Pneumonia is treated as an acute and life threatening disease as some cases can lead to lung inflammation and cause excessive difficulty in breathing. Therefore, it is important to detect the symptoms in order to opt for treatment. When one can identify the symptoms early, the disease can be controlled from worsening and that helps the patient suffer less. It is important for people to know the symptoms of pneumonia in order to detect it. Read up Health care benefits to get rid of acute diseases.

Symptoms of pneumonia in adults and children

There are quite a few symptoms and signs that the body gives when one may be suffering from pneumonia. The symptoms are similar in children and adults. The symptoms are explained in the following points:

Excessive coughing
Our sinuses inflate and that causes us to have common cold and cough. However, constant and acute coughing may indicate that the lung is infected and that can be a common cause for pneumonia. However, a few other symptoms will help determine if one is suffering from pneumonia.

High Fever
Fever is a common ailment and at first, one may not think it could be due to pneumonia. However, unexplained and constant fever for days is a sign of pneumonia. If the high fever is backed with a cough, it is a strong indication and thus helpful to get examined.

Shivering and chills
People when suffer from fever may feel so, but excessive chills and shivering is a clear indication that the lungs are infected and it can be a case of pneumonia.

Breathing difficulty
As explained earlier, pneumonia is a result of lung infections, so breathing difficulty and wheezing is a very clear symptom of lung issues and in most cases, it will be pneumonia. People may feel that wheezing happens due to asthma, but it is a misconception and wheezing might be a clear indication of pneumonia.

Vomiting or nausea
Along with the other symptoms, vomiting and nausea are also a strong symptom that indicates pneumonia. If one suffers from even any two or three of these symptoms, it is better to get a doctor’s advice and medication. Eating healthy and light can also give you stamina during this stage.

Weakness is common when one suffers from an ailment for long. In the case of pneumonia, one feels excessively weak and that leads to further suffering. In case of pneumonia, one feels sudden weakness and difficulty in moving their limbs. So, fatigue and weakness is a common symptom.

Sore throat
A sore throat is another symptom of pneumonia and when one suffers from cough and cold, they will most likely have a sore and painful throat.

Skin discoloration
In pneumonia, one apparent symptom is the discoloration of skin. When one feels that there are some skin issues along with the above mentioned symptoms, it is clear that one is suffering from pneumonia.

Ache of the Muscles
Muscle aches could be found when you are having Pneumonia. The muscle pain is so intense that the infected person will find it difficult to differentiate between muscle ache and bone pain. When you are experiencing muscle ache along with high fever and sudden weakness, then this could be the sign of Pneumonia. The treatment for muscle aches are to strength the muscles gently, avoid lifting heavy loads and try doing stress relief exercises which include yoga.

Mentioned the following symptoms are helpful in identifying the pneumonia symptoms and one must be aware to understand the way the body would react. The benefits of eating healthy are also helpful in curing diseases.

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