Is Money Spiritual?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


As a spiritually oriented woman (in business), have you ever worried that spirituality and money don't mix? Do you cringe even reading those two words in the same sentence?

Many women feel that way. Women, especially, have been trained to believe that money is not spiritual, even bad. I've been there.

If you are concerned that spirituality and money don't mix, you are probably unconsciously sabotaging yourself and your business financially. I've done this too.

The truth is that money is simply an expression of Spirit. It is spiritual energy just like everything else. If the flow of money is blocked in your life or business, your life energy is blocked. And that is showing up in other areas of your life.

Money is never just about the money! It's a reflection of your life.

Money is a reflection of how you value yourself, your gifts and what you have to offer. When others value and happily pay for what you offer, that creates an exchange of value, of appreciation.

If you truly value yourself, your gifts and what you offer, you will make your offers freely, and you will charge what you are worth. You will attract clients who appreciate the value you bring to them and who gladly pay you.

That exchange of appreciation is a spiritual act. It is a win-win! In the spiritual world, everything is about more life and the greatest good for all.

Money is a reflection of how worthy you feel to live the life you deeply desire. Your desires are soul-inspired, all good.

Your dreams and desires beckon you to experience and express yourself in new and different ways, joyfully and abundantly. Whether that is with a red sports car, a pair of purple high heels, a home on the ocean, an intimate relationship, a spiritual retreat, a business development course, giving to a cause you believe in, a housekeeper or anything else.

The Divine wants you to thrive, not struggle or just make ends meet. You came here to experience and express all the amazing aspects of who you are and also to serve something greater than you. Money contributes to all of this.

We live as spiritual beings in a physical world. Spirit is expressed through our amazing and unique physicality and lives as you and me. At this time in history, money is a part of that expression.

How would you and your life be different if you stepped into Your Greatness and became empowered with money? If you truly understood that money is a spiritual expression, if you welcomed, respected and appreciated money and if it flowed easily, naturally and abundantly in your life? Think about it!

Step Into Your Greatness!
Own your power and prosper!

About the Author
Reggie Odom CPCC, PCC, founder of Inspired Works, is a professional coach, intuitive consultant, hand analyst, spiritual teacher and speaker. Reggie inspires and empowers spiritually oriented women entrepreneurs to step into their greatness, where playing small is no longer an option. She can be contacted at

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