Is It Time To Make A Career Change?

Dr. Purushothaman
December 5, 2013


Looking forward to change your career and being prepared in advance to change a career does not exactly mean the same. Circumstances and factors often come in ones way thus preventing any sudden change. This is not an indication that you might not be able to go after a different mode of employment or career; on the contrary it means that if you are looking to make a career change while in the middle of a host of activities and pressure, you may not exactly be as successful in your next employment as you would like it to be.
Every individual who is looking to make a career change must take the time and energy to meticulously assess the overall environment before embarking on a change and making any final conclusions for the next employment. Take into consideration the following aspects:

What are your reasons for changing the career or your next employment?
When opting for a change in career, individuals often have one of the two viewpoints:
1. A career change is considered, by some, as a way of reaction to an unfriendly and displeasing work environment. Individuals who are undergoing this particular experience usually pursue a career change or are eager to change their current employment. Their main aim is to get away from the tension and insecurity they are going through at work.
2. Some look at a career change as a progressive and a farsighted decision. Such individuals may or may not be happy at work, but their goal is to look ahead and plan for the future in such a manner that the next employment or career change may be exciting and challenging. These individuals have a keen sense of adventurous spirit and are willing to take the risk to jump to another career or employment.
The distinction between these two settings is the form of forcefulness and intensity involved. If the individual is keen to move towards a new objective, in the hope of seeking a challenging and thrilling career then the action will keep the individual encouraged and stimulated throughout the course. On the other hand, if the individual is changing his career in order to get away from the troublesome work environment, he is employing a negative form of energy that will disappear rapidly as soon as the troubling factors are out of the way.

How is your present job status?

How do you perceive your present job? Is your current employment fairly secure? Experts opine that the ideal time to start the course of changing one's career or employment must be when the individual is in a good state of mind without any external pressures. When an individual has employment security, with a steady income and a solid career backing, the external pressures of seeking a new job are minimal thus presenting great clarity of thought and discernment.
But what if the individual does not have current employment or is likely to be out of employment soon? Sure again, career counsellors advise individuals to look into one's own financial security and understand how long can the individual for to be without employment for a specific period of time. It is always better to wait for a while and make decisions on your career change or your next employment with a positive state of mind rather than under pressure.

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