Introduction of Energy Healing

Dr. Purushothaman
October 8, 2013

Energy healing is essentially an art that reinstates or corrects bad or disturbed energy flow. There is an invisible magnetic field around human body which is well known as ‘Aura’. This energy field permeates human body and changes with the change in moods, thoughts, intentions, etc. This energy field or energy is not generated or emitted cautiously but it is rather a unconscious or sub conscious activity. The bad energy flow if remains or sustained for long time starts affecting thoughts, wills, attitude, desires, imaginations and feelings. Energy healing deals with these problems and cures all the bad energy ailments/effects.

Energy healing is also used for those diseases which are more of bodily than cognitive or mental. The basic assumption of energy healing is concerned with the assumption that everything that exists is just a form of energy. It somewhat called to be true as new revealing in science (like in quantum physics) do suggest a common and lone source of existence and existing is energy.

Energy healing is not new to the world. Neither has it been discovered recently. This special art of healing was very popular in ancient times and were called by different names in different regions. Like in India it is well known as ‘Prana’, in China it is called by ‘Chi’, in Japan it is known as ‘ki’ and in Polynesia it is called by ‘Mana’. This technique or art is descended through ages from one generation to another. And is mastered by very few. As it need much labor to study and learn all chapters of this art/book (it requires understanding of anatomical structure of human body to know all the energy centers). In ancient India this great art was practiced by geniuses like Sushruta (800 A.D) who was a doctor, a surgeon and an anatomist by profession.

There are seven energy points in a human body. These energy points are located at different parts of the body. Energy points’ works as a power house of the body (including body and mind both) and somehow affects ones desires and action. Energy points are also known as ‘Chakras’. Chakras do have a vital role in proper function of mind and body. Upon its zenith chakras absorbs and emits a very large volume of energy. This energy can be felt when reaching ‘Sapta Chakra Shudha’ or ‘Sapta Chakra Jagrit’ personality. A ‘Sapta Chakra Jagrit’ person is one who has exercised command or control over his power points or chakras.
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