Inspiration Network Your System for Success

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Dr. Purushothaman
December 14, 2013

Your inspiration network of core individuals is vital to your success in life. If you want to achieve the goals, dreams and desires of your heart that means you must surround yourself with positive individuals exclusively. No one ever profited from negative people and their infectious poisonous words. If you have one individual in your surrounding that fits this bill that is one person too many. The success you want means getting rid of all the things that will surely delay and potentially affect your desired outcome in life.

To surround yourself with an inspiration network you can find people at your job that are positive. If you do not sit with them at lunchtime, change that. Ask them if you can join them. Strike up conversations throughout the day with the positive people at work. Before you know it, you will become one of their closest co-working friends. Some co-workers meet after hours and do dinners together.

It would be a fantastic evening out with people that are very positive. If you currently hang around negative co-workers and go out to dinner surely they constantly talk badly about other co-workers and their spouse or significant other. You do not need this negativity in your life-ever. If you continue to hang around people that are so negative, you too, will become one of them. Negativity spreads just as easily as positivity does.

Another way to surround yourself with an inspiration network is at church. If you go to church seek out the positive people. You can try to spread your positive thoughts to those that are negative. Who knows you may change another person's life with your positive inspiration.

Form your own club that is inspirational. You can start it by opening up a fan page on Facebook. Link your page to a Twitter page, so your status updates will post on both pages. To invite people to your fan page you will need your own "friend" Facebook page.

Once you build up your friend page with people, you want to post status updates to join your fan page. Facebook has a "suggest friends" option that you can invite your friends to your fan page as well.

Invite your family and friends to become part of your inspiration network. You can give them each an inspirational t-shirt, sweatshirt or jacket as a gift for their birthday or during the various celebrated holiday seasons. People will appreciate gift items that make them feel good.

You may want to give two shirts to some of your family members and friends. Tell them to pass the second inspirational shirt to one of their friends or other family members. You will spread the positive thoughts even more by doing this. Your inspiration network should be about surrounding yourself with like minded individuals that share your same passion for life.

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